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Weah recalls lawmakers

President George M. Weah has issued a proclamation recalling members of the 54th Legislature to convene a special session for one week as the country’s economic woes deepened.

Mr. Weah has cited national emergency and national concerns as the main reasons for his proclamation requesting the lawmakers to convene a special session.His proclamation comes months after the country’s national legislature adjourned on 31st of August 2019 for its regular break.

Mr. Weah’s action is backed by Article 32(b) of the Liberian constitution which provides “that the president shall on his own initiative or upon receipt of a certificate signed by at least one fourth of the total membership of each House and by proclamation extend a regular session of the Legislature beyond the date for adjournment or call a special or extraordinary session of that body to discuss or act upon matters of national emergency and concern.”

It can be recalled that on November 4, 2019, Mr. Weah in a letter to the National Legislature requested that body to convene on November 18 through to December 11, 2019 but due to unforeseen factors, the convening period of the Special Session of the 54th Legislature was adjusted.Thus the new date has been set for a period of one (1) working week beginning December 3, 2019 to December 10, 2019.

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