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Weah’s silence on Jewel

Senator George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC completely omitted the whereabouts of his vice running mate and colleague Senator, Jewel Howard Taylor, in his midnight address to the nation during the official launch of the CDC’s 2017 presidential and legislative campaign.

The Coalition standard bearer’s omission of such a key personality within his bid for the presidency has given rise to several versions of street speculations about an emerging rift.

Sen. Taylor, who is vividly seen on giant-size campaign billboards erected across Monrovia, squeezing tight on Weah’s shoulders, an image reminiscence of a honeymoon photo was conspicuously absence from the party’s first major event that brought together thousands of supporters from across the country.

Not one single line or word was made in reference to her whereabouts during the entire rally. Not only was she not mentioned, but it appears her absence was not felt at all and the fact that the CDC standard bearer did not mention anything about her in his speech raises several eye-brows, heightening speculations of an emerging rift between the two.

To add more to the speculations was the presence of the ruling Unity Party’s disgruntled Gbehzongar Findley, riding in an open top jeep with the former soccer legend, who held Findley’s hand raised in the air amidst cheers and jeers from party supporters and sympathizers.

Findley, jumped off the bandwagon of the ruling establishment after his hope for being named a vice running mate to Vice President Joseph Boakai was dashed when the latter instead, chose little known political figure on the national political scene – Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay, as his running mate.

Reports say Findley had earlier anticipated moving to the Alternative National Congress or ANC of former Coca Cola Executive Alexander Cummings, but made an about face to the CDC after his alleged request to be awarded the National Campaign Manager of the ANC was turned down.

There are reports, though unconfirmed, that the heroic welcome of Findley into the CDC has not gone down well with Ms. Taylor, who is said to be in Ghana, and this appears to be the source of the alleged emerging tension between Weah and her. Other rumors point to Weah preferring Findley over Jewel for running mate.

Notwithstanding, he has reportedly named Findley as his campaign advisor for the October polls.Senator Taylor is currently in Ghana, seeking medical attention, sources say.

But amid the growing rumors, Jewel has reportedly spoken from Ghana, maintaining that she remains the vice standard bearer of the Coalition for the impending elections, and that nothing whatsoever, she says, would change it. The current rush to the CDC, particularly involving once top executives from the ruling Unity Party, keen observers say risks the Coalition suffering a quicksand.

By Othello B. Garblah

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