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Weah sets 2nd term agenda

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Kinjoy, Grand Capemount Count: – President George M. Weah has told citizens of Kinjoy, in Grand Capemount County that his actual plan to develop the country will be unveiled during his 2nd term in office.

Speaking in Kinjoy Saturday as he wrapped up his tour in the district, Mr. Weah reminded citizens that his regime has three more years to convince them that it is able to develop Liberia.

“We have three more years to convince you, so you can give us our 2nd-term so that we can complete our work,” the President said to the cheers of an excited crowd dominated by youths.

As if the message did not resonate well with the crowd, President Weah rephrased: “We want to do what we can do in the next three years so that the pro-poor agenda can be completed when you give us our 2nd-term.”

Mr. Weah noted that his administrations actual plan to develop Liberia will be achieved during his 2nd-term. “We want you to know, we want you to agree that our 2nd-term, is when our actual plan to develop this country will be done.”

The President informed the locals that his administration has already embarked upon major developments throughout the country. He boast that what he has achieved over three years his predecessors who have govern the country over the past 70 years could not achieve such a feat.

At the top of the regime priority, according to Mr. Weah is roads. In addition to roads, Mr. Weah is undertaking rural housing projects, constructing youth centers, schools, colleges, hospitals and breaking grounds for additional one across the country as we continues his county tour.

He disclosed that tender documents are already out for the pavement of the Robertsports Highway, why road construction works have begun in Kinjoy, Gola konneh District and is expected to be paved within the next four months by Bea Mountain, a multinational mining gold mining company operating in the area.

The company has also informed the President that it will pave the main street of Kinjoy over the coming months as part of its community development project.

While, in Kinjoy, Mr. Weah broke ground for the construction of a vocational college to be undertaken by Bea Mountain.

Residents say relations with Bea Mountain which was at a verge of collapse has improved significantly over the past three months after President Weah’s envoy Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf visited the area ahead of the President’s visit.

Meanwhile, President Weah has urged citizens to work with their lawmakers to identify their developmental needs so that the appropriate allotments can be made by them. Under the Liberian Budget Law, it is the legislators that make allotments. By Othello B. Garblah

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