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Weah slams critics

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-As he makes triumphant entry into G. Gedeh

Breaking grounds for the 150-bedrooms hospital&A partial view of the 35 housing units

Zwedru, G. Gedeh Feb 20, 2021-President George M. Weah dedicating housing units and breaking grounds for a 150-bedroom hospital in Zwedru, slammed critics who claimed his government is doing nothing to improve the living standards of Liberians here.

He argued that for the short time his administration has been in power, it has immensely outperformed the works of previous administrations.

Weah’s arrival in Grand Gedeh

President Weah made a triumphant entry into Grand Gedeh on Friday February 19, from Tappita, Nimba County after touring that county for four days via the Unification Bridge that borders both Nimba and Grand Gedeh.

He was met upon arrival bycounty officials including chiefs, elders, Legislators, religious clerics, civil society actors, students, health workers, youth groups etc.

His first activity was the dedication of 35 housing units in Kpelleh Village, near Tuzon junction, followed by a Town Hall meeting in Toe Town.

Mr. Weah told beneficiaries and thousands of supporters that had gathered to receive him that he is president for all Liberians and will take development to every part of the country so that every citizen can have a fair share of the National Cake.

He told the jubilant crowd that it is appalling to see his people living in slum communities or dilapidated villages as was experienced by him some decades ago.

Mr. Weah indicated that his preoccupation is to improve the living standards of all Liberians, and to particularly ensure that those in slum communities and the remotest parts of the country are ejected out of the abyss of poverty.

He admonished beneficiaries of the new housing units to properly manage their homes and ensure they are kept clean always.

Sam Roland-Doe, City Mayor of Tuzon and uncle of former Liberian President, Samuel K. Doe said “Our President, His Excellency George Oppong Weah is doing very well for we the people of Liberia especially the people of Tuzon city”.

He described President Weah as a generous leader, disclosing that “since the death of former President Doe, this is the very first time for a sitting President of Liberia to think about Tuzon City, home of the former president, by building modern housing units for his people”.

He furthered that “We are very happy to receive him here today as our son and brother. As we all may know, Oppong has been considered as a son of the late Samuel K. Doe because it’s Doe that brought him up”.

He said since the death of former President Doe, life has been extremely difficult for residents of Tuzon noting that “But since Oppong took over, he recognized us and built us these beautiful facilities”.

He lauded President Weah for “his tireless efforts to develop the country. “He should continue, we are with him and we will be with him. He shouldn’t be afraid, the Lord will protect him always until he achieves his dream for the nation”.

During the early evening hours of Friday, February 19, President Weah entered Zwedru to a huge rousing welcome as the locals from all segment of the county waived palm branches as the echoed praises on him for ‘his unwavering efforts’ to develop the country.

While, in Zwedru, President Weah broke ground at Gambo Junction, suburb of Zwedru, for the construction of a 150-bedroom hospital to be funded by the German government.

In PTP, which is also a suburb of Zwedru, Weah broke ground for the construction of 270 housing units for locally integrated refugees. The project will be funded by UNHCR through LRRRC.-Additional files and editing by Othello B. Garblah

By NawayGumeh,,

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