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Weah suspends viral tape star

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Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker has been suspended following a disturbing leaked audio in which she allegedly accuses key officials in President George Manneh Weah’s government of suspecting Vice President Jewel Howard – Taylor and Rep. Melvin Cole of wanting to overthrow the government.

Following her suspension on Friday, 15 February, Internal Affairs Minister Varney A. Sirleaf subsequently announced that Assistant Superintendent for Development Anthony Sheriff had been asked to act as County Superintendent during the suspension of Superintendent Walker.
Internal Affairs recalls in a release issued over the weekend that President Weah suspended Madam Walker pending investigation into allegations she made in a leaked audio.

The government has requested Madam Walker to turn over all government properties in her possession.

In the alleged leaked audio, Madam Walker explains how she allegedly faced lengthy inquiry by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah and Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill over Vice President Taylor and Bong County Rep. Melvin Cole’s alleged plan to overthrow the government.

The suspended Bong County Superintended said she was acquainted with the allegation at a party held at President Weah’s Jamaica Resort off the Robertsfield Highway based on an order by First Lady Clar Weah for all party women including the national chair to be at the Resort after President Weah gave his annual message.

When she entered the facility and allegedly waved to McGill, Madam Walker claims that McGill pulled a chair and ordered her to sit by him.

She says her attempt to go directly to President Weah and greet him first was disrupted by McGill and Samuel Tweah’s alleged reinforced order that she discontinued the move and just sit with them.

She takes a break in the audio to make claim that President Weah’s government is being run by three persons, inclusive of Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, Samuel Tweah and Nathaniel McGill.

She alleges that these three officials tell President Weah what to do.

Madam Walker explains that McGill and Tweah began asking her as to what happened in Bong County, with specific reference to how the County’s Chief Zoe or Darkpanah gave a title to Vice President Taylor that was supposed to be given to President Weah.

In that inquiry, she claims that there were accusations made that Rep. Melvin Cole and the vice president wanted to overthrow the government.

“We’ll revenge!” Madam Walker claims she was told during the inquiry.

The suspended superintendent claims that she was sitting between Tweah and McGill, while Moses Owen, an appointed official who is due to replace Isaac Jackson, sat behind her.

“My foot can’t move, it can’t come. I able treason trial?” Madam Walker continues.

“Samuel Tweah says we will revenge to the letter. He says the only God that bless you, you worked for all of us to be employed. Two, you in the middle. If you were [going] to be left and right, you were going to be the first to take the heat,” Madam Walker further alleges.

She accuses Mr. Tweah of saying if they were a bad government, didn’t she (Walker) think all of them would have been executed.

But she explains that McGill told Tweah not to talk about execution, but they are moving everybody.

Later she says Jefferson Koijee came and allegedly told Tweah and McGill that for the superintendent, there is some degree of mercy “and we will explain that into detail to y’all.”

During that encounter, Madam Walker claims that the president was sitting and looking at her.

However, she narrates how McGill’s wife who allegedly came from the States appealed that the superintendent should not take all the lashes.

But Madam Walker alleges that McGill and Samuel Tweah threatened that Rep. Malvin Cole will never see President Weah one – on – one except on TV or at functions where all the representatives are so that he (Melvin) can’t kill him (Weah).

At the Jamaica Resort, Madam Walker says she drank a [bottle] of soft drink for two hours and it couldn’t finish due to what she allegedly went through.

She alleges that President Weah watched the entire drama as he sat and look on urging her to pay attention what she was being told by the three officials.

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