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Weah talks on war crimes

President George Manneh Weah says he hopes all actors will be called to make sure that either “we forget” or justice is done, in response to an inquiry if he is considering calls for Liberia to create the environment for war crimes victims to face their perpetrators.

“And I hope that those who are responsible, the ministry that responsible which is Justice Ministry and the Peace and Reconciliation Committee will come back on the table and call all of the actors to again look at what is there to make sure that either we forget and justice be done to who all justice needs to be done to,” he said Thursday, 22 March in Monrovia.

During a Press Stake Out with Deputy UN Secretary General Madam Amina J. Mohammed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Weah said the peace and reconciliation body here has already had a case and those that are victims have their rights also to listen to those that victimized them.

He argues that peace is not just one day thing, suggesting that this is the time that “we” make sure that the environment is created that Liberians will find reason to forgive each other so that they can move on.

He acknowledges that his government has to follow the rule of law, and it is not trying to undo what is already there. But Mr. Weah emphasizes that his government incurred lot of things and it has to follow the rule of law step by step.

He notes that there is a history of reconciliation and the court already has on its desk those perpetrators, adding that they need to come back to status quo so that they can face those that harmed them.

Earlier Mr. Weah said the United Nations has not only contributed immensely to the restoration of peace and stability in Liberia, but it has positively impacted all aspects of the Liberian society and citizens’ daily lives.

He says during discussions with the UN high delegation here, he thanked the UN Secretary General, the Security Council and all troops from contributing countries and donor countries that provided sustained financial and other resources which made the mission possible.

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Also speaking, UN Deputy Secretary General Madam Amina J. Mohammed said it is now on President Weah’s leadership and government with the full support of the United Nations and other international partners to continue to address the issues of poverty, youths unemployment, illiteracy and the lack of basic infrastructure that connect the capital to the rest of the counties.

She observes that today Liberia enjoys peace and UNMIL leaves behind a country that has great potentials to achieve lasting stability, deepening its democracy and prosperity.

But she cautions that sustaining peace is about justice, strong institutions, governance and continuing the work of the national reconciliation and the constitution.

Madam Mohammed adds that it is also about the people’s collective responsibility and informs the public that the president will not do this by himself.

According to the UN envoy, it requires Liberians to get behind President Weah to support his intention to bring justice, reconciling or helping to build the nation.

She says the Peace Building Foundation is an important part of the UN’s contribution to helping Liberian create that environment for ensuring that justice is done.

She furthered that the UN is prepared to help build the bridges that will sustain peace, adding that they know their support to the national reconciliation for constitutional reforms is well prepared to support.

She earlier expressed deep appreciation for the warm welcome she and her delegation had since their arrival here on Wednesday, revealing that they had very constructive discussions with the government here, civil society and young people.

By Winston W. Parley

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