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Weah’s inaugural sermon

President George Manneh Weah opened his church on 31, December 2018 using his pulpit to sound a warning to officials in what has been dubbed as the president’s inaugural sermon.

In his capacity as Inspirational Leader of the Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church dominated by officials of government, Mr. Weah was quick to remind cabinet officials that he will not hesitate to replace them with more competent people if they failed to perform in those positions.

In a politically charge sermon, under the theme: “What God gave you is enough.” Weah cautioned that there are some government officials who are bent on sabotaging the government but did not give details of the how-whether through corruptions or leakages.

“So you have to be mindful,” he says, adding “once you are on the field there are those on the bench that are also capable to fit in your position.

The newly dedicated Church was parked with officials including House Speaker Bhofal Chambers, Senate Pro Tempore Albert Chie, Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean, Minister of State Nathaniel McGil, Youth and Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson, National Port Authority Managing Director Bill Tweahway and many other appointees.

President Weah expresses hope that Liberians enter 2019 with new behavior and new life.

He however found it difficult to understand when people who complained of lacking jobs would come back days after to complain that they don’t have cars after being given a job that pays thousands of United States Dollars.

He wonders when people will ever realize that they can use the little things given them to achieve the bigger goals.

Focusing on the text of the sermon, from the book of Mathew, Weah told a story based on Jesus’ parable of three servants and their master. According to him, the Master had given five talents to one of the servants, two to another and one talent to the third servant.

He explained that the servant with the five talents had multiplied them and gotten ten; and the one with two had also multiplied them and got four talents. But he says the third servant kept his talent and did not multiply it.

He said, however, the master took the third servant’s talent and gave it to the one that had ten. He wonders what could one do with more if they cannot take care of the little entrusted into their care.He believes that God gives to people based on their managerial ability, adding that he (God) doesn’t give what one cannot take care of.

Fitting this in practical life, he says there are those who do not follow instruction.He says some people work for government and when their bosses instruct that they should not sign document, they would still sign it.“The fact that we dedicated responsibility doesn’t mean that we can’t check,” he says, adding that “we” must check on people that are given responsibility in order to be successful.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited Othello B. Garblah

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