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Weah’s spokesman entrapped

-Between truth and heresy over president’s 9th Street property

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In about 24 hours after publicly announcing Timothy Weah as owner of President George Manneh Weah’s 9th Street property, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby faced the challenging task of saying his previous pronouncement was untrue as the real owner of the property remains the president.

Prior to his amended pronouncement which came Tuesday, 5 May, Mr. Toby had earlier on Monday, 4 May announced via OK FM that President Weah turned over that 9th Street, Sinkor property to his son Timothy Weah when he (President Weah) took over as president of Liberia.

Reported construction work on the president’s 9th Street property has prompted criticism here in the midst of the coronavirus crisis with others pondering over the president’s priorities.
On Monday, Toby claimed that all the things being used on the project were long imported before the crisis, and that the project is being spearheaded by the First Lady Madam Clar Weah as Timothy had transformed the property to his own liking.

In an apparent effort to divert the public’s attention from the president concerning the property, Toby further claimed on Monday that President Weah is not spending a dime on that project, saying contractors are being paid by the supervisor of the project – the First Lady.
He detailed that Timothy is the sole financier of that property, asking the talk show host at OK FM to wait a little bit to get the transfer document to be convinced.

But on Tuesday, Toby returned with a completely different version as to the ownership of the 9th Street property, saying he had gathered further information and he still wanted to be truthful to Liberian people because there’s a tomorrow ahead of him.He says the information he gathered is that the property on 9th Street, Sinkor is not owned by Timothy Weah as he (Toby) had said on Monday.

According to him, the property is owned by the president, noting that prior to the onversation held with OK FM on Monday, the information that he gathered was what he provided.

“So the new information that was confirmed by the owner is that it belongs to the president and not Timothy …,” Toby says.Toby says he works in the circle of the president, and from the way they work in the presidency sometimes there are people they relate to for information.

However, he notes that if there’s new information surrounding the new ownership of the property and the owner of the property confirms that the property has no ownership to his son, he has to come back to provide the information.Professionally Toby says he has to apologize to the public, saying the previous information on that property was not the right information.
By Winston W. Parley

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