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Weaves of Innocent Deaths under President Weah

The waves of innocent Liberian deaths in Liberia cannot only be attributed to the Weah’s government, even the then president Sirleaf once lamented: “The increase in ritualistic killings and armed robbery and other deaths are threatening security. Liberia’s president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, vowed on Thursday to crack down on those responsible for a rise in ritual killings in Liberia. Local media have reported at least 10 related murders in Liberia in the past few months”.

“The then-president also said in a speech that: “We are witnessing the rise in what appears to be ritualistic killings and armed robbery in the country, thus threatening our security. I am instructing the security forces to rigorously enforce the law to the letter and bring this ugly situation under immediate control. It is not yet clear why ritual killings are rising and Johnson Sirleaf offered no explanation. Some residents have speculated that presidential hopefuls seeking to replace Johnson Sirleaf when her final term expires in 2017 are using black magic to boost their chances. This is a clear indication that senseless killings of innocent Liberians have become the norms rather than the exception, which is pathetic”.

But it appears that Liberia is a suitable venue for people who killed others and walks away easily without justice, despite the severity of the incidents. Research has revealed that over 93 Liberian murderers are languishing in jail awaiting trial for allegedly murdering innocent Liberians for flimsy reasons, while others simply killed others on the basis of self-defense or self-protection. But no matters the reasons, killing is nothing but killing.

It can be recalled that journalist Tyron Brown, a video editor and camera operator with Super Communications, a privately-owned station was murdered by one Jonathan Williams who resides at the Monrovia Central Prison awaiting trial. Cyphus Yeawonyee, a Ganta’s resident was murdered by one Jacob Vambo who now resides at the Sanniquellie Central Prison awaiting trial. Mrs. Joyce Otu-Jawheh a US’s diaspora resident of the Zoewloh neighborhood of ELWA was murdered by one Beko who is alleged to be a family member. Roosevelt Demann, a former police commander who killed a commercial motorcyclist known as Bryan Lamie.

The police commander is being held at the Monrovia Central Prison awaiting trial. The saddest of these murders is the story of a pregnant woman whose body was found in the shallows of Lake Shepherd in Maryland and her unborn fetus was extracted from her womb forcefully. It is revealed that some lawmakers and a county attorney are standing trial and many more related murders etc., etc. The questions that arose: What is president Weah doing about such a widespread killing going on in Liberia? Is the president afraid to speak or give directives to the security apparatus to crack down on murderers who are caught? The waves of killings are deforming the good initiatives of President Weah. The president needs to ensure that murderers are simply not kept in jail on taxpayers’ funds. A fast track court should be set up to trail murderers and armed rubbered cases, and those funds convicted be made to face the death penalty.


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