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Welcoming 2017 with optimism

ANOTHER YEAR HAS come full of dreams and aspirations for global peace and better economic conditions for mankind. HERE IN LIBERIA, citizens look forward to free, fair, transparent democratic elections in October that would lead to smooth political transition in 2018.

THE JOURNEY TO electing a new leadership here is very crucial to maintaining peace and stability and moving the post-conflict nation towards growth and development. THIS WOULD REQUIRE that all Liberian citizens both at home and abroad to exert sincerely efforts in collaboration with our international partners to steer the course to peaceful democratic transition.

THE PENDING ELECTIONS should not be considered by politicians as an opportunity only to get to power, but to safe guard the Motherland, but to sail as a people to nobler heights.

OUR CHILDREN AND unborn generations have a stake in what we do as a people do and how we conduct ourselves in the coming nine to ten months. This is very important because posterity will judge the present generation unkindly, if we let Liberia down by reverting to violence.

ELECTORAL VIOLENCE ANYWHERE in the world, particularly Africa has yielded nothing but malnourished children, broken system and miseries. We all are witnesses to the devastating effects of violence.

THIS COUNTRY NEEDS honest and delegated leadership that would provide better health and education system, roads, security and prosperity. These ingredients of a progressive society have eluded Liberians for a very long time.

WITH A BRAND New Year, we have an opportunity to look forward with optimism that the future is bright and all that is required is our sincere commitment to moving ahead, relegating selfish, narrow interest.

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THEREFORE, WE CHALLENGE all Liberians to see the bigger picture by putting the Motherland above personal desires because no single citizen can progress truly if out common patrimony is held in bondage by a few hands of blood thirsty and greedy politicians.

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