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Welcoming President Weah, and Foreign First Lady

President George Tawlon Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah, who has a Jamaican Wife as First Lady, is a father of 3, former football icon, former Senior Senator of Montserrado County, Liberia, CDC’s lifetime founder, who is worth 85million dollars on Monday, January 22nd, 2018. President-elect Weah was duly installed as Head of State, and the 25th President of the Republic of Liberia. The President is the second indigenous leader after the demise of the late Samuel Kanyon Doe, of Grand Gedeh, County. The remaining 23 past presidents were either of mixed races or are Negro descents.

President Weah struggled for over 12-years to become Head of State and President of the Republic of Liberia. During his struggling days, he cried fouls that two elections verdicts were stolen from him by his predecessor President Sirleaf during the 2005/2011 general and presidential elections. President Weah was not deterred. His vehement desperation for political power in Liberia took him through thick and thin. At one distinct juncture, he relegated himself as a vice-presidential running mate to Winston Tubman in his own CDC’s party in the 2005’s general presidential elections in which they were badly defeated. But President Weah’s desperation did not stop there, he anxiously joined the rank and file of the notoriously known blood steamed “NPFL” political party styled as NPP to form a coalition in the 2017’s general presidential elections that put him into the main corridors of Liberia’s political power.

Political pundits refuse to believe that President Weah’s desperation for political power is simply to enrich himself, be flamboyance, build a much stronger political hegemony, to be remembered as one of Liberia’s Presidents, or to amend the Liberian constitution for his personal aggrandizement when the need arises. But other hardliners strongly hold it as truth that President Weah could also have other things under his sleeves as manifested by his political desperation to be Head of State and the 25th president of the Republic of Liberia. But President Weah desperation to become the 25th President of the Republic of Liberia should be translated into concrete terms by turning a-new-page and doing things differently as president from past presidents.

This inauguration should, by and large, compel President Weah to depart from the past and not repeat the political mistakes made by past presidents such as the celebration of rampant corruption, engaging in dubious deals and contracts, the promotion of nepotism, that is by giving jobs to friends, loved ones and family members who are not qualified, imposing hardship on Liberians, prioritizing foreigners over Liberians, giving Liberians jobs to foreigners, supporting Lebanese to abuse the dignity of Liberians by treating them like pigs and goats; turning blind eyes on essential services such as clean drinking water and electricity, no physical farms to market roads, enforcing policies that will make Liberians poor and poorer as it was under former President Sirleaf.

President Weah is not a stranger to Liberian problems. For over 13-years, President lived the problems, walked the problems, interfacing with the problems as a former lawmaker, when he once served as Senior Senator. President Weah knows the danger of corruption. He has witnessed how corruption has destroyed and continues to destroy the growth and development of Liberia on his watch. Today, the whole world is watching President Weah as to how he will deal with corruption differently than all his predecessors.

Today, President Weah was sworn in as Head of State and the 25th President of the Republic of Liberia at the time when many Liberians are going to be hungry with no food to eat; Liberians are dying at the various hospitals around Liberia, because they couldn’t afford to pay for a pint of blood, nor do they have money to register. Other suffering Liberians are simply turned away due to lack of space and inadequate hospital beds to accommodate them during their illness. Some Liberians had to die prematurely against their will because of poverty. President Weah’s inauguration witnessed most Liberians mothers died from childbirth due to lack of proper treatment and proper medication.

Some Liberians who had to travel long distances through the bushes, forests, and swamps due to lack of roads to get to the nearest hospitals and clinic on time to deliver their live birth, had to die in those bushes. At some points, they fell by the by the roadside and had to pass-out unexpectedly in the shoulders of their loved ones due to poverty and diseases. The inauguration also coincided with Liberian being driving out of their homes because of no money to pay their monthly rents. President Weah should have canceled the inauguration celebrations and remits the inauguration funds to buy medications for sick and dying Liberian patients at the JFK, Catholic Hospital, Cooper Clinic and other smaller clinics who are on their death beds.

Liberia is the fourth poorer countries in Africa. The country doesn’t have money for such a lavish occasion. The inauguration was a sign of exploitation, and a recipe for continues political and moral corruption for a sick nation Liberia that doesn’t feed itself. Liberia’s economy is heavily dependent on international donations, borrowing of funds and internal revenues generation. Cocoa, Coffee productions are no longer competitive on the international market. The rubber plantations are destroying the Liberians’ soil for little or nothing to account for the lives of Liberians who worked on those plantations. Liberians working on those plantations like Firestone, for example, are literally potential slaves who appear to be living in much smaller chicken baskets and the Firestone’s administrators living in Manson.

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