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We’ll resist corrupt individuals

-Pro-Boakai group sounds a caveat

By Lincoln G. Peters 

A Pro-Boakai movement, Southeastern Alliance for President-elect Joseph Nyumah Boakai, vows to resist appointment of corrupt individuals in the incoming Unity Party-led government. 

The group’s comment is in reaction to a purported list published recently, containing names of individuals that are expected to be appointed to key positions in the new government.

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President-elect Boakai and Vice President-elect Jeremiah Kpan Koung will be officially inaugurated on 22nd January 2024 to commence work. 

But, addressing a news conference Tuesday, 9th January in Monrovia, Chairperson Watson Chelley, said they have learned that some individuals that were accused and indicted by previous administration, are parading the corridor and holding meetings, seeking appointment in the Boakai-Koung administration.

He cautions that President-elect Boakai might land wrongly if thorough examination is not done to ascertain whether those being vetted are free of corruption. 

He notes that a government that promises transparency and accountability to the Liberian people should be prepared to do the right things and avoid early mistakes.  

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“We the Southeastern Alliance for the election of Amb. Boakai-Koung are calling on the Unity Party government to do away with the appointment of individuals accused or indicted in the past for acts of corruption. Anything contrary to what the UP promised during the election, we want to make it categorically clear that we will resist corrupt individuals who may be appointed in the coming days”, he warns. 

Chelley continues that they are receiving unconfirmed information that former Grand Gedeh Superintendent, Christopher Bailey, is poised to be appointed as deputy minister for operations at the ministry of Internal Affairs.

Accordingly, he says their understanding is, Christopher Bailey was once indicted by the Unity Party government in 2011, for alleged corruption, and the case was to be heard in Margibi County.

According to him, the case is still in court, so appointing him means that the Boakai administration is not ready to bring any significant changes to the country’s leadership.

Chelley notes that the Unity Party’s campaign focused on mitigating corruption therefore, it must desist from appointing people who have been accused or indicted for stealing.

“The Southeastern Alliance in support of Unity Party does not support any act of corruption, as such we are resolved that the group will be drastic on the government about their actions mainly putting people into key positions. Though we supported the Unity Party against CDC, it does not mean we will not hold them accountable for some of the mistakes that may emerge”, he says. Editing by Jonathan Browne 

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  1. Do not put your corrupt container money in that coffer. We rather have an empty coffer with few surpluses then those billions to be accounted for, if necessary, in our next allotments. No buzzy gossip money.

  2. The idea and alternate purpose of budgetary expenditure has been misinterpreted by lawmakers and especially the executive to mean that something should always be left in it. For example, appropriation surplus. The question is: What did you do with the funds provided by Government and its people? This is one of the primary causes of financial corruption. Spending allotments wisely for the Liberian economy in the interest of the Liberian people proves the performance on results of past and present Officials and civil workers. Future ticks on automation as votes and appointments are accumulated. Sometimes it benefits the proper planning of the next year’s budget if the coffer is empty to avoid extending unproduced corrupt monies into its capacity. Our coffer needs real constitutional cash not only unencumbered remains. If the past year allotments were properly encumbered there will be enough space to put actual deposits replenished from fees, taxes, and revenues etc… enhanced rather than infused into the economy. If the financial good of Government is observed by left overs that could not have been encumbered due to unfinished projects, and or unnecessary trajectories to be the responsibility of the next administration, it is even better for the outgoing Administration. We must look forward and use budgetary appropriations, when approved by lawmakers, to adequately encumber in the interest of the Liberian people. When the nation has seen what you have done with the money provided by the people, the coffer even if left opened or closed will have no adverse effect on the Liberian economy. Best of luck.

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