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Wento unveils platform

Businessman-turned Presidential hopeful McDonald A. Wento outlines here five counts of a 19-point platform for his United People’s Party (UPP), including peace-building, infrastructure and education, among others. The UPP is dubbed here as torchbearer of multiparty democracy in Liberia with the late political icon, Gabriel Baccus Matthews as founding father.

Mr. Wento emphasizes that one does not need a nuclear bomb to destroy a country, but rather deny its youth of education opportunity and it would crumble. Appearing on a debate recently with Independent Presidential Candidate Rev. William Aloysius Kpedeh at the Wuo G. Tarpia Hall in Ganta City, Nimba County, the UPP standard bearer, a newcomer like many other presidential candidates in the race, also names agriculture, specifically commercial farming, healthcare and youth empowerment as part of his agenda, if he won the presidency.

The debate was held by the Liberia Media Initiative or LMI. However, the presidential hopeful, who is a Christian, says to succeed in whatever plan, one should go to God in prayers, saying, “Put God first in everything you do; you can have the best plan, but if you lack the political will to implement, it becomes meaningless.”
According to him, the presidency is not a job, but a responsibility, and notes that youth constitutes more than 60 percent of Liberia’s population and need skills and empowerment.

The UPP standard bearer is also an entrepreneur with chain of businesses including logging company and an oil block off the shore of Liberia. On the other hand, Independent Candidate, Rev. William Aloysius Kpadeh, says the problems of Liberia are more spiritual than politics, economics and education, stressing a need to return the country to God.
A professional engineer and a theologian, William is campaigning on what he calls a fundamental framework that covers Godly principal, national identity, reconciliation and healing, responsible citizen-centered government, among others.

-Story by Jonathan Browne

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