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West Pointers Want Commissioner Removed

Residents of the Township of West Point are demanding the removal of their Commissioner, Demore W. Moore. They are accusing him of stealing L$3,128,000 (Three million, one hundred and twenty eight thousand Liberian Dollars) from 2007 to-present.

In their 2-count petition, dated 29 August, this year, and forwarded to Internal Affairs Minister Harrison Kanwea, the citizens insisted that Commissioner Moore be sacked because the commissioner could not account for the Township‘s development funds, as well as other fees collected from businesses and other private structures.

The statement signed by Richard Blamo Asamuwontee Kieh, a rights activist detailed how Commissioner Moore collected a daily fee of L$500 from the community toilet houses constructed by the Star of the Sea Catholic School in West Point for the past 3 years and 8 months, which summed up to L$694,500. 00.

Each provisional shop, the statement said, has been paying fifty (50) Liberian Dollars per month for the period of  3 years and 8 months, which amount to L$440,000 (four hundred and forty thousand), as well as L$100 (one hundred Liberian Dollars) per video club per month for 3 year and 8 months, totaling L$126,000.

The residents further noted that the commissioner office collected L$44,000 (forty four thousand Liberian Dollars) from 10 filling (gas) depots, with each of these paying L$100 (one hundred) all for the same period 3 years and 8 months.

Commissioner Moore could neither be contacted in person or by phone for comments due to his unpreparedness. This paper, however, remains open to his comments on the matter.

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