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Western Cluster Expansion Hinted

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has announced plans here to meet with investors of Western Cluster to have the company consider extension of operations in Jumbobao, Dawein District of Bomi County.

Jumbobao comprises several settlements along banks of the Lofa River to where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

In their first experience to have a sitting president visit the Mon-Feh Clan, on Thursday, September 5, 2013, they were assured by the Liberian leader that she will meet and talk with the investors of Western Cluster when she travels.

Before initiating talks with the company, President Sirleaf promised to first pay another visit back to Jumbobao Town along with the county leadership to conclude discussions on land matters with residents.

She wants agreements reached on what the company can do in the area and what the people stand to benefit; while on the other hand seeking to level grounds on land matters.

“But we have to put this beautiful place into a situation where not only you can enjoy it as a citizen, but people can come from all over and create those jobs; so I will work on it, I will come back with the leaders of the county to see, after I find out what interest people have, to see who all have the land and what understanding we could reach,” she said.

Zealous for the opportunity assured them, the residents in return informed President Sirleaf that there would be no problem in securing land in the area for investment, having heard from her that papers would be signed before the company arrives.

President Sirleaf’s pronouncement that she will meet with Western Cluster investors followed residents’ plea to her to have investors explore their area to create job opportunity for them.

Earlier speaking, Bomi County Senator Sando Johnson said no president of Liberia has ever gone that far, thanking the president for braving the storm. He expressed hope that that president Sirleaf would explore all other opportunities to have investors go to the district.

“Because when this side of the county is opened, it will afford our young people the opportunity to get job. The people have informed us that in the future whatever investment you want to bring here, you will not have any problem – there is no land dispute, no querying over land; our people are very much respectful,” he said.

Bomi County District #3 Representative Haja Fatta Sanyon added to Senator Johnson’s call, asking the president to redouble her effort and to talk to Western Cluster to extend operations in that part of the county for the benefit of the people there and the country as a whole.

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