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Whapoe blames Weah 

-Links CCTV comments to the importation of illegal weapons

By Lincoln G. Peters

Opposition Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) political leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe believes that President George Manneh Weah’s call for Liberians to protect themselves has led to the importation of illegal weapons into the country.

Addressing a press conference over the weekend at his office on the Old Road, Whapoe said the president’s statement was “reckless.”

Whapoe argued that while the intent for the importation of the weapons into the country remains unknown, he can speculate that the person that brought the weapons is alluding to President Weah’s statement that Liberians should protect themselves.

“Why it’s true that we have not identified the intent of the illegal importation of weapons into the country, we can speculate that the person that brought the weapons, if not for [a] violent purpose, might be alluding to President Weah’s statement made some months or years back that we should provide security for ourselves,” said Dr. Whapoe.

The opposition leader lamented that the illegal importation of weapons in the country is scary and should be condemned by all well-meaning and peaceful Liberians.

However, Dr. Whapoe squarely laid the blame on President Weah’s statement he made years back that Liberians should provide security for themselves by purchasing CCTVs.

State security forces recently confiscated illegal guns at the Freeport of Monrovia and made some arrests of persons of interest.

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They have launched an investigation into the discovery of the huge cache of arms and ammunition at the nation’s largest port- Freeport of Monrovia, and a private residence in Brewerville outside Monrovia. Both discoveries are connected to a single source.

“We must first … condemn the act and action of [bringing] illegal weapons into the country,” said Dr. Whapoe. 

“This is very scary and alarming at this tense political time in our country. However, as we are concerned in VOLT, the government has the right and responsibilities to defend and protect the nation,” Dr. Whapoe added.

The arms and ammunition were first discovered at the port in a shipment consignee to a lady before further discoveries were made at her home in Brewerville following a search and seizure operation.

The opposition politician indicated that until it is established why the importer brought in the illegal weapons, he also believes that the person may have been acting on the statement of President Weah. 

According to him, the reckless and premature statement made by President Weah has provided people with a variety of ways to protect themselves and family. 

He argued that Weapon is used to protect and also cause violence, and so, either one of the reasons could be the [answer to] why the person brought it into the country.

Dr. Whapoe cautioned that a president or a leader should be careful how he or she speaks.

He suggested that any statement from a leader becomes a policy that followers allude to.

He said the statement made by President Weah years back signaled a policy into the hearing of Liberians that they should protect themselves.

As such, he said the individual that imported the guns may have been acting on the president’s recommendation.

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