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Whapoe questions Weah’s promises

The Opposition Vision for Liberian Transformation Party (VOLT) political leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe, has questioned the reliability of President George Manneh Weah’s promises to Liberians, urging citizens here not to rely on the president’s promises until they see them being fulfilled.

“The same president said that he was reducing taxes on mosquito coil and chicken feet; go ask for chicken feet in the market today, go ask for fish in the market today. So when this president says something, it’s not something that is dependable; it’s not reliable. Until we can see it happen, we cannot depend on this president’s promises,” Dr. Whapoe says.

While appearing on a live talk show on Joy FM in Monrovia Thursday evening, 15 April, Dr. Whapoe criticized President Weah’s ongoing county tour and questioned its significance when the people’s problems are not being solved.

According to him, he still holds strong views against President Weah “that he’s a failure” and “he’s out of touch with the Liberian people.”

The VOLT political leader believes Mr. Weah will be a one -term President because Liberians are inspired by the truth and they are no more in the position for somebody who wants something from the citizens to cajole them.

“I think Liberian people are becoming more informed about governance so therefore, I will have no doubt to say that this President [is] going to be a one – term president,” Dr. Whapoe says.

He wonders if Liberians aren’t spectators already by the recruitment of Ghanaians to do such work, and also questions the government which job Liberians would do when almost all the construction works that are being done on the highway have Chinese driving caterpillars and trucks to move dirt.

Whapoe wonders “how tangible, reliable and valid” is the President’s promise to the Liberian people, arguing that as a business person, it’s not good to have too many loose ends; but this government has too many loose ends.

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“You remember when the president said we will not be spectators in our own economy? Today, our economy is being infiltrated by petite foreigners, who are not even adequate investors until today almost 90 percent … I am not too accurate, almost 90 percent of the LEC [Liberia Electricity Corporation] Pro – Poor light poles planters that you see in Liberia, they are Ghanaians,” he laments.

The 2017 presidential candidate claims that President Weah “doesn’t know what he’s doing,” stating that the incumbent will not be able to win the presidency today if Liberians had the ability to call for a recall election.

“He doesn’t know what he’s doing. You see your country in economic downturn and the president, he goes around, celebrates, he gives money and says look, I am giving this money; it’s not for development purpose; y’all just enjoy yourself, like he did in Gbarpolu, you know,” Dr. Whapoe claims.

The VOLT political leader indicates that President Weah is a celebrity and he would be one of the president’s fans and buy his music if he had chosen to become a musician, instead of focusing on the presidency.

Whapoe believes that President Weah is supposed to be in the music industry, cautioning that “taking a responsibility that you cannot discharge to the Liberian people, I think that’s injustice” to the citizenry.

According to him, even though he did not win the presidency in 2017, he however stands by his promises made, especially to feed Liberians.

He says in the absence of being the president, he is proud to announce to Liberians that “promise made is promise delivered,” assuring them that this October, they will see bags of rice in the market, carrying his party’s logo on them.

Dr. Whapoe challenges Liberians to vote him president and he would protect and defend the Constitution of Liberia. He assures that if he is the head of the executive branch of government, he would not oppose the law, if it says “people who committed atrocities in Liberia should be prosecuted.” By Winston W. Parley

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