What has happened to UP?

The ruling Unity Party and its officials seem paranoid, confused, and blinded by unfolding political realities that they see no clear dichotomy between the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the governing party. In fact, after presiding over the political and economic leadership of this country for nearly 12 years, the governing party is publicly and cleverly disowning itself or ignoring its footprints on the political landscape.

UP campaign focal person, Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe, claims “the CDC is like the ruling party”. “I really feel for Joseph Boakai. He is like Jesus Christ who is being put on firing squad for sins he did not commit. Those very people who were involved in the passage of the National Budget for the past 10 years or more without any tangibles are those who are pushing for change”, he argues further.

The UP does not want to go down in the mud alone and is indirectly admitting that although there are blemishes on its 12-year rule, but members of the opposition share in the poor management of the national resources. How could the ruling party refuse to accept responsibility for its stewardship when it has controlled everything over the years, but is now pointing finger elsewhere and wants citizens to believe such garbage.

We challenge Snowe and his likes to come out with sharp, convincing strategies for the electorate before the November 7 runoff presidential poll rather than suddenly turning prophets of doom who see no future for Liberia under an opposition leadership. This is hilariously preposterous!

What could have been a contrary argument, if those in the opposition, particularly from the Coalition had no experience in government? Lack of experience, capacity and international contacts – the list would have been endless. But thank God the UP admits that they have some level of experience.

The truth of the matter is the writing is already on the wall that the ruling party’s time is out following two terms in office. But Upists, particularly Joe Boakai and his followers, who believe they have monopoly over knowledge, seem not to recognize this or they are taking the electorate for granted.

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