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What Makes Us “Human Beings”? – Part 12

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Yes, I mean it. I see no difference between the animals called “human beings” and the other animals. If there is any difference, then it is in how we have decided to call ourselves and call them – meaning, it is only in name. We call ourselves “human beings,” and we call them some stupid names – dogs, cats, rabbits, crocodiles, mosquitoes, etc. However, those who contend that we should be called “human beings” disagree that this is what makes us different. So what is it?

If this is not what makes us different, then maybe it is in our physiological makeup or structures. We have legs, hands, bones, visible eyes, and so forth, and we walk upright. Worms, for instance, lack these features. But those keen on calling themselves “human beings” disagree that this is what makes us “human beings” or what makes us better than other animals.

Having rejected these two ideas, those fond of arguing that we are human beings and that because we are human beings, we are better than other creatures made by God, come up with all kinds of unreasonable arguments to prove why we are considered human beings – development and use of language, emotions, caring spirit, intelligence, ability to praise and worship God, dominion over other creatures, visualizing things and bringing them to reality, and God making us in His image. I reject all.

Let’s see two additional funny reasons.

Using of Tools

Many of my friends, in their attempt to prove their points, have argued that we are human beings because we use tools. This is a very funny argument. This argument falsely concludes that “human beings” are the only creatures that use tools. I think this argument springs from ignorance because other animals do use tools. I have seen monkeys use rocks to burst/break palm kernels or coconuts.

The rock is a tool. There was a television program during which guerrillas used sticks to test the depth of a river they were to pass through, and they use the same sticks to walk through the river. The stick is a tool. I have also seen monkeys break some straw from some plant and use it to brush their teeth.  The straw is a tool.

If it is the use of tools that makes us human beings, then guerrillas, monkeys and other animals are human beings. In a sense, we are all the same, my people.

Naming Animals

A few persons have told me that we are human beings because we gave names to all the animals on earth. They argue that God instructed Adam to look at the animals and name them one by one.

This is really interesting. I like the creatures called human beings. They like to consider themselves as the most important of God’s creation. They are selfish and conceited. They write the Bible and put in a passage that says that “human beings” should have dominion over other creatures and also eat them. They also write in the same Bible that “human beings” are made in the image of God. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

When those tactics are challenged, they stand on their two stupid feet and say that we are human beings because we gave names to all other animals.

They just feel that when they assign the name “dog” to a group of animals, the name “worm” to another group of animals, the name “hippopotamus” still to another group of animals, or the name “boa constrictor” to another, then it means that those animals know themselves by those names. Isn’t it silly to think like that?

Another thing we have to remember is that while we gladly call ourselves “human beings,” mosquitoes and dogs and flies may be calling us “funanimal” or “funstumal” or some other name that they, too, have come up with. Da fi-yah?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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