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What Makes Us “Human Beings”? – Part 7

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Yes, da me Paul. I say there is no difference between the creatures called “human beings” and other animals. I don’t see what really makes us human beings. No one has been able to convince me. All the reasons I have heard or read thus far are all funny arguments – not convincing. Da me say so.

For instance, they say that we are human beings because we have the ability to develop and use language, forgetting to know that other animals also have the ability to develop and use language in their own way. Some also say that we are human beings because we have emotions, but then they soon realize that other creatures do have and express such emotions as love, hatred, anger, joy, jealousy, and so forth.

Others say that we are human beings because we have caring spirit – we can show compassion to others, protect, or do good to our friends and loved ones, and so on – but then they soon realize that many other creatures that they don’t consider “human beings” also show caring spirit. A hen doesn’t want any trespassers to harm its chicks. Birds fetch food from long distances and bring it to their babies.

If this is not an example of a caring spirit, then I want to know what it is. Still, others argue that we are human beings because we are intelligent, stating it as though monkeys and dogs, for instance, were unintelligent animals. These people just don’t know, or fail to know, that dogs and monkeys are among the intelligent creatures of the world. That established, dogs and monkeys are human beings, then.

Wearing of Clothes

Some have told me that we are human beings because we wear clothes. This is a very funny and unreasonable point. It is like birds or baboons saying that they are human beings because they don’t wear clothes. Clothes are not, and cannot be, the things that make us human beings.

First of all, there are some “human beings” who do not value the wearing of clothes, or the wearing of clothes is not part of their culture. Are we going to consider them non-human beings for that?

Second, when Adam and Even were in the Garden of Eden, they neither wore nor knew about clothes. Are we going to reason that Adam and Eve were not human beings before leaving the Garden, all because they didn’t wear clothes when they were in the Garden, and that they only became human beings after they had left the Garden and had started wearing clothes? That would be an unreasonable argument to make, wouldn’t it?

But there is another point to it. We engage in things that we have interest in or things that our society sanctions. Suppose the other creatures do not have interest in wearing clothes? Or, still, maybe it is not the culture of other creatures to wear clothes, and so our wearing them does not make us “human beings” or make us different or better than the other creatures.

Having Sex Secretly or Indoors

I have encountered many people who have told me that we are human beings because we don’t have sex outside like dogs just like that. They contend that the creatures called human beings have sex secretly – they hide it. They just don’t go around having sex in front of everybody, on the football field or in the open just like that, they argue.

But, frankly, this argument is as weak as the clothes-wearing argument because it is not all animals that have sex in the open. For instance, it is very difficult to see cats having sex in the open just like that. They do it secretly like “human beings.” Are we going to agree that cats are human beings, then?

We are all human beings, my people. We and all the animals we call cats, dogs, mosquitoes, parrots, ants, centipedes, crocodiles and so forth are human beings. And my conclusion is based on the arguments that many people have presented in indicating what makes us human beings.

Is there another one out there who can give me reasons proving what makes us human beings, or proving what makes us different or better than other creatures? I am waiting eagerly.

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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