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What Makes Us “Human Beings”? – Part 8

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Other than the mere existence of structures and names, is there anything that really makes us “human beings”? Is there anything that makes us different from or better than other animals? I see nothing. In fact, I feel that we are all human beings, and this is based on the reasons/arguments that cause people to say that we should be considered “human beings.”

I don’t see what really makes us human beings. No one has been able to convince me. All the reasons I have heard thus far are all funny arguments.

For instance, “human beings” say that we are human beings because we have the ability to develop and use language, forgetting to know that other animals also have the ability to develop and use language in their own way. Some also say that we are human beings because we have emotions, but then they soon realize that other creatures do have and express such emotions as love, hatred, anger, joy, and so forth.

Others say that we are human beings because we have caring spirit – we can show compassion to others, protect, or do good to our friends and loved ones, and so on – but then they soon realize that many other creatures that they don’t consider “human beings” also show caring spirit. A hen doesn’t want any trespassers to harm its chicks. Birds fetch food from long distances and bring it to their babies. If this is not an example of a caring spirit, then I want to know what it is.

Still, others argue that we are human beings because we are intelligent, stating it as though monkeys and dogs, for instance, were unintelligent animals. These people just don’t know, or fail to know, that dogs and monkeys are among the intelligent creatures of the world. Some say we are human beings because we wear clothes, as if Adam and Eve were non-human beings when they were naked in the Garden of Eden. Others say that we are human beings because we don’t have sex in the open just like that, as if cats don’t hide themselves before having sex.

Let’s see additional funny arguments that people give to prove that we creatures are “human beings.”

Human Beings and Worship/Praise

Some have argued that we are human beings because we worship God. I disagree with this conclusion. First, this is a complete nonsense because then it would mean that others who have no time for God and worship no gods are not human beings. It is not all “human beings” who worship God.

Second, except God, no one knows whether other creatures worship God in their own way or not. Who really knows whether goats, cows, sheep, crocodiles, ants, worms, squirrels, mosquitoes, catfish, butterflies, flies, bees, spiders, and other animals worship and praise God or not?

When you see dogs or wolves howling “for nothing” in the dark or in the open, or when you hear a monkey chattering and jumping from tree to tree, or a group of fish turning here and turning there in the ocean or a river, it could very well be that those creatures are praising and worshiping God seriously.  When birds are seen soaring in the sky and moving in this direction and that direction, it could be that they are worshiping God wholeheartedly.

In fact, the book of Psalms 148: 7 & 10 say: “Praise the LORD from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depths … wild animals and all cattle,  small creatures and flying birds, praise the Lord.”

It seems the Psalmist understands something that most people don’t know – that other creatures are capable of praising God, too. If that were not the case, I believe, the Psalmist would not have said that great seas creatures, wild animals, small creatures and flying birds should praise the Lord. Was the Psalmist stupid? Didn’t he know what he was talking? I don’t think so.

When you see a rat running all around the house or room, don’t just conclude that it is looking for some food to steal. It may actually be praising the God of heaven.  If you see a cock roach flying all around the room, don’t just hit it with your slipper and kill it. You could be killing a sincere worshiper of the Lord. if you see a group of mosquitoes dancing all around you, don’t just conclude that they are looking for blood to suck for which you will give them some unmerciful slap. They may be worshiping or praising the God of heaven and earth with all their heart.

To conclude, I will join the Psalmist and say: Praise the Lord, yea mosquitoes, and ants and rats and butterflies and dragon flies and flies. Praise the Lord, yea lizards and snakes and crabs and catfish and crayfish and bamboo worms and monkeys and hippopotamus and baboons. Praise the Lord, you wonderful praisers and worshipers whom the selfish creatures called “human beings” say are incapable of worshiping and praising the Lord. Praise the Lord, Brother Crocodile and Sister Elephant.

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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