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What Makes Us “Human Beings”? – Part 9

Yes, da me gain. Da me Paul. I still don’t know what really makes the creatures called “human beings” to be human beings or what makes them different from or better than other animals. And no one has been able to convince me.

For instance, they say that we are human beings because we have the ability to develop and use language, forgetting to know that other animals also have the ability to develop and use language in their own way. Some also say that we are human beings because we have emotions, but then they soon realize that other creatures do have and express such emotions as love, hatred, anger, joy, jealousy, and so forth.

Others say that we are human beings because we have caring spirit – we can show compassion to others, protect, or do good to our friends and loved ones, and so on – but then they soon realize that many other creatures that they don’t consider “human beings” also show caring spirit.

A hen doesn’t want any trespassers to harm its chicks. Birds fetch food from long distances and bring it to their babies. If this is not an example of a caring spirit, then I want to know what it is. Still, others argue that we are human beings because we are intelligent, stating it as though monkeys and dogs, for instance, were unintelligent animals. These people just don’t know, or fail to know, that dogs and monkeys are among the intelligent creatures of the world. That established, dogs and monkeys are human beings, then.

It cannot even be the tendency to praise or worship God that makes us human beings because other animals do praise and worship God, and our not being aware of that does not erase the fact that they also worship God.

In fact, the book of Psalms 148: 7 & 10 say: “Praise the LORD from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depths … wild animals and all cattle,  small creatures and flying birds, praise the Lord.”

Therefore, when you see a rat running all around the house or room, don’t just conclude that it is looking for some food to steal. It may actually be praising the God of heaven.  If you see a roach flying all around the room, don’t just hit it with your slipper and kill it. You could be killing a sincere worshiper of the Lord. If you see a group of mosquitoes dancing all around you, don’t just conclude that they are looking for free blood to suck for which you would give them some unmerciful slap. They may be worshiping or praising the God of heaven and earth with all their heart.

Let mosquitoes praise the Lord. Let baboons and snakes and crocodiles praise the Lord. Let the great whales and other sea animals praise and worship the Lord. Let worms dance in some running water as they praise and worship the Lord. Now, let’s look at other funny reasons people give to prove that we are rightfully called human beings.

Having Dominion Over Other Animals

Some have told me that we are human beings because God told man to have dominion over all other animals and to also eat them as food as we wish. I laugh every time I hear this argument. When I ask those who make this argument to tell me when God told them to have dominion over other animals and to eat them when they wish, they indicate that it is written in the Bible, forgetting to know or without mentioning that the Bible was written by the same human beings who selfishly think that God’s whole creation is about them.  Why couldn’t it be that human beings selfishly inserted that in the Bible since they had already begun eating animals, and since they were determined to continue eating them?

If the Bible had been written by baboons or elephants or monkeys or the eagles, I believe that passage would not have found its way into the Bible, or it might have been completely different. Perhaps baboons would have written that all baboons or animals should have dominion over human beings and eat them, too.

Human beings, generally speaking, just feel that they have some special rights to eat other animals anytime. No wonder crocodiles, alligators and other animals, too, can tear human beings to pieces when they manage to get whole of one. In fact, an alligator once told me in a dream that they, alligators, are human beings because they can eat human beings. Besides, if eating other animals makes us human beings, then animals like lions and leopards and alligators are human beings, too, because they also eat other animals. You see where the argument could go?

Maybe snakes should say that they are human beings because they can swallow frogs. When that happens, frogs will say that they are human beings because they can swallow dragon flies. Then mosquitoes will say that they are human beings because they can suck blood.

Believe me, dear readers. If the Bible had been written by baboons, monkeys, scorpions, boa constrictors, elephants, alligators, crocodiles, eagles, Billy goats or mosquitoes, most of the things we read in the Bible about what human beings can and should do to other animals may not have been placed in it. Da lie, my people?

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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