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What Makes Us “Human Beings”? – Part I

“Don’t treat me like this. I’m a human being, not an animal,” remarked a girl to her boyfriend who had been ill-treating her for some time.

Many other individuals have made a similar remark. It seems the creatures calling themselves “human beings” are convinced that they are different from, and better than, other creatures. An excited evangelical preacher recently told his members: “That’s how animals, not human beings, behave. And you are human beings.”

In essence, the evangelical preacher was indicating that the creatures called human beings are not animals and that there is something that makes these creatures to be called human beings. Differently stated, the preacher was saying that there is a difference between animals and the creatures called human beings.

But, for me, I see no difference (s) between the creatures called human beings and the other creatures. I feel and think that we are all the same, especially in terms of emotions and behavior. If there is any difference, then I suppose it is in the structures, or it is only a matter of appellation or nomenclature.

And if it is a matter of name, maybe those other creatures are calling us stupidshoehole, fanbeltfufu, chairgoattie, buttnecktoe or something else. We are the ones who feel and think that we are and should be called “human beings.”

Maybe we are actually called dogdear, pudrypupu or coughtoiletground. Actually, I sometimes feel that I am a mosquito, a rabbit, a dog, or a porcupine. We are a group of creatures that enjoy thinking or feeling that we are the only creatures having the ability to come up with all kinds of words and terms for the things we see, hear, taste, feel, and imagine, forgetting to know that other creatures have a similar ability.

In my opinion, the cruelest, most selfish, conceited, arrogant and domineering set of creatures are those calling themselves “human beings,”  and, sadly, these creatures depend on and use their cruelty, selfishness, conceitedness, arrogance and domineeringness to disdain, ill-treat and destroy other creatures unfairly, remorselessly and illegally.

For me, I see no difference (s) between those creatures called human beings and those called animals. And human beings’ conceitedness and arrogance and domineeringness leading them to describe themselves as “upper-class animals,” and those not like them as “lower-class animals” does not change anything.

I refuse to accept that human beings are different from or better than other animals. Maybe they should be different, but they are not different. Briefly stated, I don’t know what makes those creatures called human beings to be human beings. “What really makes us ‘human beings’?” is the question whose right answers I have sought for years, without anyone being able to help me out.

Answers from theologians and pastors have not helped. Answers from specialists have not helped. Answers from educated minds have not helped. And, because of that, I continue to seek answers. Again, I ask: “What really makes those creatures called human beings to be considered that way?” Differently stated, what makes human beings different from or better than other animals?

In the series of articles I have decided to write, with this being the first, I will provide and comment on  some of the answers I have obtained from people in their effort to answer the question, refuting those answers in light of evidence and logic. You like it, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern. 

Watch out for Part 2.
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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