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What Will You Do? – Part I

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Don’t ask question. Yor know me. Da me again.Da me Paul.Whehyor can do to me. Nothing! Da me say so. As long as I have this thing called life and good health, I will continue to write. Ehnyor know datyor cannot do anything to me? Again, da me say so. You like it, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern.

I am on a different thing today – a different topic. Just yesterday, I witnessed something that has made me write this article. A little boy bought his LD15.00 pepper kala. He brought it and placed it on a table on their piazza. Excited over what he would do to the kala, he left it on the table and entered the kitchen to first get water that he would drink after eating. He was planning to enjoy his pepper kala, and he didn’t want to be disturbed.

He was smiling as he was going for the water. He would have no mercy on the pepper kala. And he was hungry, too. He returned dancing with the cup of water in his hand. Kids are usually interestingly gleeful about food they know they will soon enjoy.

However, when he finally returned, he saw his neighbor’s dog chewing the last pepper kala. He yelled, threw the cup of water at the dog, which was already on its way out of the terrain, and yelled again. The dog must have realized the vengeance the hungry boy would have unleashed on it. Animal have sense, too.

Guess what? The boy started running behind the dog as if it had just killed his parents. I don’t know if he caught it or not, but this is what the boy did. If you were the boy, what would you do?

Think about this one. You are a man. You give your girlfriend or wife good money for food every day because you want her to prepare good for you and the family. To your ignorance, when she cooks, she takes the best part of the food and packs it in one of your old eating bowls and sends it to her secret lover. It goes on for four years. When you discover it, what will you do?

You are a man. You and your girlfriend live together on the Old Road. Your church comes in and “puts bad luck in your pocket,” saying that once you and the girl are not married, you should not live together because it is a kind of sin called fornication. Wanting to portray yourself as a person who is serious to live the Christian life, you decide to rent for your girlfriend in Congo Town. In spite of the separation, you two still do everything together. You go there to eat, for she is the one who cooks for you. You also go there to eat her regularly, despite the church’s attempt to prevent you from living together.

Meanwhile, there is a poor and dirty boy in the neighborhood. He sometimes usually comes around to play ludo with other neighbors, including your girlfriend. Your girlfriend, feeling sorry for the boy’s condition, starts giving him food. After about five months, you hear that that very boy is eating your girlfriend big time. Two months later, you red-handed catch the boy eating your girlfriend one hot Saturday afternoon in the room you are paying the rent for. What will you do?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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