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When A Little Girl Deceives Her Mother

She was called Linkarika, but her mother affectionately called her Linkaka, and that was the name by which everybody in the family and in the community knew her. She was a beautiful and lovely child – at least that’s what her mother and others who knew her said.

She was also a smart girl. She was seventeen years old and in the twelfth grade. Her mother, as well as others, was proud of her. But which parent wouldn’t be proud of a seventeen-year-old child that was about to graduate from high school, especially considering the kind of society we find ourselves in?

Both parents, especially the mother, were happily doing everything for their daughter. She was not the only child, and she was not the only daughter, too, but her seriousness in school won their love and attention.

“Linkaka, you shouldn’t put your hand in man business until you graduate from high school. Man business can’t pass. Okay?” the girl’s mother would advise.

“I stupid, Mama? My heart is not even on that. My plan is to graduate and do public administration in college. Man business is not part of my plan now. I don’t even think about it, Mama,” Linkaka would assure her poor mother.

The mother would smile and say, “I know, sweet girl. I just wanted to throw in my periodic advice to you. You are a lovely child, and we – your father and I – don’t want anything to damage your future.”

Linkaka and his mother had a wonderful mother-and-daughter relationship. In fact, they were considered best friends, and each was willing and ready to help the other when she was facing a problem.

That’s why when Linkaka started putting up weight, her mother was concerned and wanted to help. She didn’t want her daughter to be obese.

“You getting too fat-o, Linkaka. Don’t allow yourself to be overweight, sweetheart,” her mother told her one weekend.

“I don’t know-o, Mama. I’m just getting fat. I don’t know what to even do,” Linkaka responded.

Because the mother loved her daughter and wanted her to be fit, she started devising various ways to help her daughter lose weight. That’s how the mother and her daughter started a schedule of exercise.

They jogged almost every evening after school. They did jumping-rope every day before jogging. They did sit up after every jogging session. The mother was determined to help her daughter lose weight.

They continued the exercising sessions for about three months, only to realize that Linkaka had been pregnant for four months. The mother almost went crazy.

“Linkaka!Youuuuu?I hate you, you deceitful little girl. You are a witch. You are useless. You are a Murderer.  You are a disgrace – a complete disgrace. You are a dog. You will not live in my house anymore,” angrily reacted the mother.

And for sure, she put her daughter out. She went to her aunt and stayed there until she gave birth to her first child. About one year later, the mother took the grandchild and told the girl to go back to school, which she did, graduating from high school and going on to graduate from Cuttington University.

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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