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When Gender Equality Confuses Me

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The need to have every human being enjoy equal rights has brought about something called “gender equality.” It is the idea that men and women should have the same rights and opportunities in the home, in business, in politics, at the work place, and so forth.

Gender equality da small thing? No man should feel or act as if women were nothing or some sub-human. Some men, it is said, want to take women to be a “thing,” forgetting to know that they are as full human beings as they (men) are. I like gender equality.

That said, this thing called gender equality also, sometimes, confuses me. I thought this gender equality thing is supposed to be recognized by both men and women and practiced by both in all places and conditions, too. However, from what I have observed and experienced, it is not the case.

It seems most women either don’t believe in gender equality or don’t know that it exists. Or, maybe, most women think that gender equality is about men giving women what they want and the time they want it. Da me say so.

Take, for instance, what happened to a friend of mine last Christmas. Around the 23rd of December, he told a female friend of his, “You girl, my Christmas on you-o.”

The girl laughed mockingly and told him, “You really get dry face-o. Da me suppose to give you Christmas, or da you suppose to give it to me? You de man.”

Also, if a man asks a woman for money, she says, “Da you suppose to give me money. You de man.”

Similarly, when a boy asks a girl to take him out or to lunch, for example, she says, “Da you suppose to take me out for a treat. Da you de man.”

A woman working at the Gender Ministry told her friend last week, “Da de man suppose to support the home.”

Just yesterday, a boy told a girl, “Why you can’t call me, you girl?”

The girl hissed like an angry snake and said, “Da me suppose to call you, or da you suppose to call me? I de man, or you de man? In fact, you beh-leh transfer dollar to my phone, you man.”

Just this morning, a man entered a ministry and sat in the waiting room. There were ten years. Nine had already been occupied by nine women. Then a man came and sat in the remaining vacant chair. About three minutes later, a woman entered, glimpsed curiously and stood next to the man. It was certain she wanted to sit, and the other women realized it.

Before long, they came down hard on the man, “You’re sitting and the woman is standing? You will allow her to stand? You’re supposed to stand, while she sits. She’s a woman.”

Think about child support, too. When the woman takes custody of the child or children, the man is required to support the child or children. However, when the children live with the man, no one really hears about the woman being required to support them, even if she has a job and the man does not. Why is it so? It confuses me. Da the gender equality here?

Oh, so, when it comes to giving Christmas, giving money, calling on phone, transferring dollar, giving seat, supporting the home, giving child support, and so forth, then it becomes gender non-equality? It confuses me.

If the things listed above don’t form part of the gender equality, in other words, if they are not part of what people call gender equality, then let those who specialize in gender equality please list for us the things that fall under the concept.

Or, as I stated above, could it be that some women know or care about gender equality, while others don’t know or don’t care about it? It confuses me.

Anyway, let me close my zaklay point mouth yaah before some organization called the International Organization for the Promotion of Gender Equality (INOPROGE) reports me to the International Court for the Protection of Gender Equality (INCOPROGE).

Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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