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When Hobbies Become Interesting – Pt. 2

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As I indicated in Part One, no two individuals are exactly the same physically, and no two persons behave exactly the same in life. People engage in different activities for different reasons. They have varying preferences and value different things. This is called individual differences.

Hobbies, undoubtedly, are an example of those features that signify individual differences. People have their own reasons for taking up a specific kind of hobby. We all can’t like or do the same thing in life.

For instance, some people like playing with babies; others like playing with scorpions. Still, some prefer climbing the guava tree behind their house, while others prefer climbing Mt. Everest. It’s worth noting, though, that our opinion on, or judgment of, those reasons is beside the point.

Also, some people like fishing, while others like hunting. We all like different, different things. For example, some people like sucking candies, while other people like licking them. Still, others like chewing them. Some don’t like any of them at all. Da lie, my people?

And, let’s not forget, though, that our description of those hobbies as interesting, fantastic, risky, crazy, hilarious, buffoonery, ludicrous, unusual, disgusting, nasty, embarrassing or fiendish does not erase the fact that individual differences is a reality. In short, I may consider awful what you consider wonderful.

In Part One, I mentioned six of the things I consider hobbies and why I consider them interesting. I would like to mention additional four hobbies, which I also consider interesting.

Hobby #7

Putting a straw or a match-stick in a sleeping person’s nose and shaking it. I really like the reaction such a person gives, especially when he breathes out quickly and slaps his own nose. Oh, I love it. Is anyone thinking about taking up this hobby?

Hobby #8

Hiding the matches and putting candles out in the house or room. This is more enjoyable when people bump into one another, or hit things here and there, as they grope in the dark. I love it. I like to hear when two people hit each other and one of them screams, “Ah-oh!” Interesting hobby, isn’t it?

Hobby #9

Hiding people’s things. It’s more interesting when the item is hidden at the time it is most needed, or when its use is urgent. Isn’t it fun to hide a preacher’s Bible on Sunday morning when he’s about to go to church, hide a student’s book or copybooks when he needs it to study for their exams or to go to school, or hide a lady’s shoes when she wants to go out? I just enjoy observing the confused, angry and nervous state such a person can be in. It’s a lot of fun.

Hobby #10

Urinating on people’s fences, especially concrete fences. There are three main reasons why I like this. First, I like the sound the urine makes against the wall. Second, I love the different artistic designs or shapes you can make with the urine. For example, you can draw the shape of a letter, spell a word or write a number. Finally, I like to see the urine hit the wall and splash back in different directions. It usually looks like a special fountain.

Yeah, these things called hobbies! By the way, what is a hobby? Oh, now I remember. A book called the dictionary says it is an activity or interest that a person pursues for pleasure or relaxation. Wouldn’t you want to take up any of the ten hobbies mentioned in this article or in the previous one, if you thought it would bring you pleasure and relaxation? Think about it.

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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