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When Love Finishes From The Heart – Part 2

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Do we really know what love is? Does love always remain the same, or does it change? I usually get confused when I hear a man or a woman tell their lover, ”I will always love you.”

Although this has been said by many people in love, I am not sure whether those saying it really mean or believe it, or whether those to whom it is said really believe it. I think it’s all part of the love game we play on earth; that is, we enjoy deceiving or lying to one another.

Anyway, let’s focus on the topic. I don’t know what love really is, but I do know that when love finishes from the heart, many things can happen. Da lie, my people?

A man and a woman felt in love at a graduation party. The guy was really good-looking, and the woman was gorgeous. The two loved each other dearly, at least that’s what they said, and that’s also what their actions indicated. Besides, most of those who knew them said the same thing – ”The two people really love each other.”

The usually walked together. They went to the cinema together. They went to the supermarket together. They took bath together. They ate together. They did this and did that together to prove their love. Other lovers were even jealous and wished they were like to two.

In fact, the girl encouraged the guy to move to her place. She came from a well-off family. She had her own house, given to her by her father.

However, because it is true that nothing lasts forever, after some time, the love in each person’s heart finished. And because when loves finishes from the heart many interesting things happen, the girl told the guy, ”I hate you and hate the ground you walk on. I don’t want to see you in my life anymore.”

And to show that the love for the guy had finished from her heart, she threw all the guy’s things – including his briefs and old mattress he had taken with him to the girl’s house – out in the street, with all those in the neighborhood or passing looking at them. Da small thing when love finishes from the heart?

Hear this one, my people. A man and a girl felt in love six months ago. They were dying with love for each other, but it is safe to say that the guy was more in love. He treated the girl as if she were a goddess he had discovered from some Liberian jungle, and he was willing to do everything to worship her, love her and protect her.

Whenever the girl farted, he would carry his nose around the girl’s butt to smell it. He enjoyed the scent. He loved the girl. Whenever they walked on the road – or most of the time – he totted the girl on his back. He usually fed the girl, instead of allowing her to eat all by herself. Love waste, my people.

One day, while they were walking on Bernard’s Beach, the girl took a handful of sand and wasted it in his face. He couldn’t open his eyes because of the quantity of sand that had entered it. However, instead of getting angry with the girl or instead of rushing to the lagoon to wash the sand from his eyes, he told the girl, ”Some de sand na get in your eyes, baby?” Ehn yor see what love can do, my people?

One other time, while they were walking through a coconut plantain, the girl found one huge coconut. The guy jerked it from her, threw it down and started running. They girl picked it up and chunked the heavy coconut on his poor back. However, instead of getting angry, he asked the girl, ”You didn’t break your hand, mama?”

However, because it is true that nothing lasts forever, the love started finishing from the guy’s heart. Last week, while they were having a petty argument, the girl wrapped a plain sheet of paper and threw it on his chest.

Guess what he asked the girl? ”Wheh you doing so? You want to break my rib bone?”

Yes, when love finishes from the heart, all kinds of interesting things can happen. When love finishes from the heart, paper can break a rib bone, but a full coconut can do nothing. Ehn yor see what can happen when love finishes from the heart?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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