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When Love Finishes From The Heart – Part I

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Many unbelievably interesting things continue to happen in this our world, many of which a lot of people would doubt if they were told the stories a few years later. I cannot, and will not, say that I’m not part of this group.

My dad has told me a lot of stories, stories which he knows are real-life stories, but some of which I sometimes doubt. When my facial expression indicates my doubts, especially stories involving people, my dad usually smiles and says, “It’s true, Paul. We’re human beings.”

Actually, as a result of the story about which I’m going to write in this piece, I’m made to reconsider many of my dad’s narratives that I had earlier doubted. In fact, I intend to start writing about some of those stories.

In this article, I want to write about a real-life situation that happened in the United States of America. A few days ago, I read about one Dr. Richard Batista, a medical doctor in New York, and his ex-wife, Dawnell Batista.

According to the story, they got married in 1990 and have three children. But after living together for more than ten years, the marriage began to experience heavy storm, which led to their divorce.

But before the turbulent period – when they were probably still deeply in love and called each other “bab” and “hon,” the woman fell ill and would have probably died, if she hadn’t received a kidney transplant. The husband, Dr. Batista, moved by the magic of love, donated one of his kidneys to save his wife’s life. She survived. He saved her life.

Then the stormy period appeared in their marriage. The woman filed for divorce. The husband says that besides the hectic divorce proceedings, he discovered that his wife put in for divorce because she had a secret lover.

To compensate for the frustration and pain he was going through, the husband asked his we-are-about-to-divorce wife to give back the kidney he donated to save her life. Yes, when love finishes from the heart.

He sued her to return his kidney or pay him about US$1.5m for it. He contended that he saved her life, and she was paying him back with ingratitude. He could not let her keep his kidney. Can you imagine? Yes, all kinds of things can happen when love finishes from the heart.

If the woman gives the kidney back, she will experience serious problems – she may survive on a machine, or she may lose her life. In all this, one of the questions that we have to answer is this: Who is the bad person, the man or the woman? Why?

There are true Liberian stories about men who, when in love, buy expensive clothes and other items for their girlfriends or wives. However, when love finishes from the heart, the men ask the women involved to give everything back to them. Sometimes, some say, the men take the items and burn them. Da small thing when love finishes from the heart?

A man bought a big tiger generator, floor mat and bathroom curtain for his girlfriend. One day, when he went to visit the girl, he saw the girl and another guy taking bath in the bathtub covered by the curtain he had bought.

The guy angrily kicked the door open, rushed inside and jerked the curtain from over them. Quickly, he removed the floor mat and the generator from the house and put everything in a wheelbarrow and started riding it to his house. Yes, love was finished from the heart.

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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