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When the Church turns a blind eye

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The Church of Liberia as a body has drifted away from one of the key foundations of Jesus Christ’s Ministry on earth – Love. Love in the heart of man for his fellow man has gone cold, but that the body of Christ, particularly the Liberia Council of Churches that should carry the face of true Christianity has increasingly become silent and invincible, is highly disappointing.

Our concern is specifically drawn to the LCC conspicuous absence since the Wednesday, September 18, 2019 tragic fire disaster at the Branch #4 of the United Dawah Umah (UDU) Islamic boarding school in Paynesville, outside Monrovia that left 28 persons, mostly school children burnt to death.

Subsequent investigation established electrical fault as cause of the fire that razed the entire structure down at almost midnight, leaving helpless children screaming for help.
The tragedy shocked the entire country and beyond our borders with messages of condolence pouring in from everywhere, including foreign countries and governments.
In Liberia, the Muslim community broke down in mourning, as national leaders and organizations paid tributes.

But the LCC, a member of the religious community has yet to make its presence felt in the situation, when it is very necessary to do so. Not even the Inter-Religious Council has acted as a national group to identify with families of the victims, as religious teachings would require.

Thanks to the Bethel Church of Liberia as a single denomination for providing LRD100, 000 to families of the victims recently and consoling them. That singular act by the Bethel denomination showed the face of the Christian community in what should have been the role of the LCC as a national body.

But the Council of Churches missed out because its love for God’s creation, particularly human beings regardless of religion, has gone dead. The LCC is increasingly losing its relevance in society.

This was not the type of ministry Jesus Christ taught, while He was on earth. The Church has clearly broken away from its tradition of giving love and care. Who will restore the ancient landmark?

Whether it is the LCC or the Inter-Religious Council, love for fellow human beings should be the prime motive for the existence of each organization. Anything apart from this cardinal principle is mere hypocrisy and self-seeking.

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