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Special Feature

“When the Silent Majority Speaks . . .” – JM Cassell

In his article under the headline quoted above (The New Dawn, September 30, 2013) regarding the MOLAC demonstration in New York City, NY, USA, Mr. JM Cassell writes that “. . . the so-called progressives . . . traded in . . . a semi-literate Master Sergeant, Samuel Doe”. This is my response to Mr. Cassell’s reference to the Late President as “a semi-literate”.

Not only that the allegation that the late, Mr. Samuel Doe is or was semi-literate is false, but also that it is an intended, vicious statement with “patent embarrassment to the name” as well as an effort designed to denigrate and demonize the honor and memory of the nation’s first, ethnic/tribal, indigene elected president.

What else explains these recurring, negative characterizations of the former President who has been dead for more than 20 years and not around to respond to the vicious, false character-assassinations?

Moreover, for the sake of Mr. Cassell’s argument, let us agree that the late, Mr. Samuel Doe is or was semi-literate; but that is, absolutely, irrelevant to the events about which Mr. Cassell is concerned and writes. Therefore, the “incidental”, negative, editorial reference to the late, former President expresses latent hatred, designed to demonize the good name of Mr. Samuel Kanyon Doe.

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