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Where Are We Heading? Part II

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Dear Father,

It’s All Over!

This place is a very interesting village, with interesting dramas, many of which are like a Telenovela or an “African Movie”, with a long and boring dialogue but easy to tell the end from the beginning. A total stranger visiting our village for the first time would just not understand, but that is the beauty of our village.

Every member of this village has what you call “voltage” a kind of  current (or tension) that is applied by a person to get what he or she so desire if the other person on which it is being apply cannot stand the tension. The application of the “voltage” involves serious noise making accompany by threats especially if the person applying the “voltage” has some leverage in terms of power.

Those who can stand the tension are the ones who often say: “We will spoil it and fix it later.” In other words “we will make the noise, before settling down like civilized people to dialogue”- Like in the case of the former “General”.

Father as foolish as this logic sounds, many people would beg to disagree but that is exactly what we are in this village from top to bottom. The nonsensical aspect of this kind of posture which we take to the highest levels in our village such as the Traditional Council, The Castle and House of Elders is that we do not calculate the level of damage that this so-called attitude would cost us and how it defines us to our neighbors.

Quite frankly Father, in most instances as we roar from one end of the village to the other gathering dust in the air, from the very beginning we are not ignorant of the solution. We know the problem but for the kind of people we are and the levels of our understanding of each other which are inspired by perception we would choose the higher price that is to do the damage first. Sometimes but for a simple procedure, we would choose the hard way and strangulate others just to prove a point.

Sorry, Father that I am not giving you much time to ask questions today but I believe you know where I am coming from with this argument. Some would say it is due to the level of illiteracy or electing round pigs to sit in square holds. You know, Father, for a second there, events of the past few weeks in our village is just the confirmation of exactly what I am talking about here.

As you may be aware, it started off from the Traditional Council with one member of the Old Lady’s kitchen cabinet over money that is meant for the development of a chiefdom within the village. Some of the Chiefs for reasons best known to them doing their request from villagers to support them to get to the Traditional Council made some stupid promises they in no way could fulfill on their own.

So, they came up with this scheme which would enable them to get some of the money from the Chiefdom’s development fund to make good their campaign promises. This is what started the problem and noise were made amidst allegations of bribery.

But the drama got interesting when the General of the Chiefdom got involve and the noise got heavier. It was time to spoil it and fix it later. And indeed, they actually spoil it and how it is fix leaves behind a spot that we will all soon regret. Paid groups were involved to cause more trouble, I mean vent out their long delay frustrations.

Well at the end, after all the threats and noise, the two officials of the Old Lady’s Kitchen Cabinet have resigned amidst ongoing intervention of the House of Elders. But this event has brought forth many skeletons from the closet.

Father in the first place, this situation shouldn’t have come to this point. For every reason the concern chiefs and Paramount Chief should have come up with a strategy as to how to use the portion of the village money that was given to this chiefdom but unfortunately, it did not happened. The solution was there from the beginning but they chose to do it the hard and most disgraceful way-all for the Money. It is greed and we know it now. It is not for the good of the people but for self aggrandizement.

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