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Where has it gone wrong?

Recent spike in derogatory comments between President George M. Weah and his onetime political father Senator Prince Johnson has left much to be desired.

Some say it all started in early 2021 at the beginning of President Weah’s County Tour in Nimba County when Sen. Johnson in a meeting with Nimba elders presented to President Weah a reminder laundry list of demands for the people of Nimba,

Sources close to the meeting said there was a complete deadlock at the meeting amidst accusations and counter-accusations which were kept out of the public glare.

However, others say the rift between the two intensified after Sen. Johnson was placed on the U.S. government sanction for alleged corruption (pay to play). These sources believe that Sen. Johnson felt betrayed by the Weah administration who could have done something to prevent the sanction.

As all efforts to bury their hatchets behind the scenes failed, Sen. Johnson decided to go public describing the president as a man who does not keep promises and breaks deals to the disadvantage of political partners.

He went a little further to claim unpaid county corporate development funds paid by Arcelor Mittal but siphoned by the government to his party fielding a candidate and not supporting the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in 2023 because of Mr. Weah’s failure to keep his promises.

What are Sen. Johnson’s demands?

Sen. Johnson who took President Weah, then candidate Weah to Nigeria to be prayed for by the late T.B. Joshua said President Weah made commitment to award jobs to his kinsmen but later turned his back on him after victory was secured in 2017.

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He said President Weah only gave one ministerial position-Minister of Post and Telecommunication and one deputy commerce minister and an assistant minister at the ministry of mines.

According to Sen. Johnson that was not the agreement and therefore he considered that a breach of promise by President Weah.

He has since been on a tarried, calling Mr. Weah all kinds of names and so far, becoming one of his revered critics using his pulpit to throw jibes at the president.

The public criticism of President Weah and threats not to support his second-term bid prompted a high-power delegation from the CDC to meet Sen. Johnson.

But Sen. Johnson has remained recalcitrant and as if his demands were not enough, he has further accused the government of trying to kill him.

What has President Weah Said?

President Weah refuted the accusation and branded Johnson a blackmailer, saying, “If you do not want to work with us, get on the side, we have other people.”

“You are manipulating people every day. Give me this and give me that. Are you infallible? We are not working with you again, you can go anywhere you want to go,” Weah said while preaching at his Forky Klon Family Church along the Roberts International Airport highway two Sundays ago.

“You say the Government wants to kill you,” he said.  “Do I look like someone that can kill somebody? You forgot to know that those you killed already may be running behind you. We are trying to make sure that everyone is at peace. We are not afraid of anybody.”

The claim of assassination was originally put forward by Sen. Johnson’s party, which presented no evidence for their claim. But pointed to unnamed intelligence with government.

However, whatever the impasse between both president Weah and Sen. Johnson is that have found its way to their respective pulpit is, is only known to both men.

The public will only listen to their frustration because they are not likely to reveal the root cause as was claimed by Sen, Johnson that he could not discuss serious political matters in the Presence of Foreign Minister Kamayah, Maritime boss Eugene Nagbe and others.

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  1. Serving the nation has no special height. When the educational system has failed, it is because those who the Government has fostered amongst others to make research or create opportunities for inventors prefer to leach at top positions for lust, political power, and wealth. An inventor does not have to be educated or literate. The very reason why we should put those PhDs at planning development. So that they can learn how the country’s resources give them the education they need. Put them back to the soil to give them reason why literate people serve majority Liberia that control their destiny. Show them the traditional and cultural background they have to store, and the ones inherited from chiefs and elders. The ones for secret heritage. Which ones of them have the prerequisite for County planning or pride their places of birth will accept affordable offers until completed. Many have graduated. How many have completed is the question?

  2. Some owners of this land, willing to step down and accept Superintendent positions for the 15 Liberian Counties as suggested in the nation’s interest, to present professional development plans for each County to our win.
    *Lofa County Superintendent- A PhD earned, born in Lofa County.
    *Margibi County Superintendent – An earned PhD born in Kakata, Harbel or in this County.
    *Grand Cape Mount County Superintendent – Fodee Kromah, or a PhD Cape Mount born.
    * Superintendent, Nimba County – A PhD holder (academic degree) born in Nimba
    *Superintendent of Grand Kru County – Born in Grand Kru, a PhD earned.
    *Superintendent of Grand Bassa County – Dr. Zangar, if born in the Grand, or a PhD earned.
    *Superintendent, Gbarpolu- Conneh, if a classroom PhD holder, born in this county.
    *River Gee County Superintendent – A PhD earned, if born in River Gee.
    * Superintendent, Montserrado County – Born in cape or a PhD earned, born in the county.
    * Superintendent, Rivercess County – Born in the County and an academic PhD holder.
    *Superintendent, Bomi County – Born in Bomi and with an academic education of PhD.
    *Superintendent, Maryland – Born in Cape Palmas or Harper, and with an academic PhD.
    *Bong County Superintendent – A Gbarnga born with a PhD, or a PhD born in the County.
    *Superintendent, Grand Gedeh – Bolley, If PhD, or an earned PhD born in this County.
    *Sinoe County – Mills Jones, if PhD earned and born in Sinoe, or another PhD Sinoe born.

  3. You cannot was/feed on with this chair because the time left for election is not like a 90-minute game. Just as educated or more literate as we may be to serve the uneducated and illiterate. We should no longer take the nation’s election risky as we did in the past. Every Liberian should be concerned with peace, facts of the outcome of election activities to fully support the leader who actually wins.

  4. Corruption is all over the place, one can curb it but was/feeding it free is a play on words and not a win.

  5. The separation of the church and state: a President not deciding whether he needs to step down, or get re-elected, complete or conduct a free and fair election. accept results, then preach on the pulpit after that or not. (2) An inspirational talented preacher, ex-rebel senator seeks Repentance to Christ for breaking the ten commandments by leaving the podium Senator work and President canvassing by clinging only to the gospel’s pulpit to be saved. (2) A soldier made Minister of Defense, explains his side of the allegations brought against him for siding, who should leave to men in uniform the safety of the nation in the arsenal or go back to the camp or become a candidate for Legislature maybe good at President for his people of Rivercess keeps caveating without explaining what he sees or foresees. (3) An Ex-V.P. who keeps pounding to feed the world, wants to run as President of the Liberian nation again, had the chance to feed the nation when was mated to a Woman President and cannot anymore himself feed with even rice. (4) A young 42 who is promising to make Liberia free from corruption when he was feed with corrupt military resources during the coup PRC, knowing well that only Jesus is the perfect. (5) The coco cola who wants to give Liberians jobs to make his drink the major soda in Liberia and wait for the Position of Liberian President to be the sole supply of rice purchases. (6) The Senators who keep interfering in election activities and illude that this will ensure their re-election when the people they are looking for votes from have already decided to sifter them out of the Capitol offices. (7) Other candidates.
    THE BALLOT BOX IS NOT TO TAMPER WITH, IS NOT A PLAYING OBJECT, OBVIOUSLY IS THE FACTUAL WAY TO LEAD THIS NATION. Since I am not Running now, I suggest you let the woman (ministry of commerce and industry), chair of LFA, African cup of Nations 2023, assemble those the cap fit to a meeting and explain to the nation why football is not the same as politics. Ask God who will be the next President of Liberia.

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