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Where I see Weah’s Government

A sentinel got whirlwind of a widespread disturbing hearsay circulation in the United States that H.E. President Weah, Head of State and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia took 30-member high power official delegation to visit Morocco, Senegal and France with a lucrative and a comfortable traveling allowance of $579.000.00 with each delegate receiving $17, 500 as par dime and the First Lady of Liberia (Madam Claire Weah) pocketed $65,750.00 apart from food, and hotel fees? It was also learned that each delegate including the First Lady shopped at one of France’s most expense world-class shopping Mall in the heart of Paris. Is this information true H.E. President Weah?

H.E. President Weah, is it also true that you arbitrarily mandated the Finance Minister Hon. Samuel D. Tweah, to release into your custody the total sum of $356.000.00 for the immediate renovation of the private bungalows of you and your vice president? I am asking these questions because most level-headed Liberians including opposition and detractors often take due advantage of multiple unconfirmed information and communication out of the normal communication channel either for their personal aggrandizement or to make a political case against a sitting head-of-State.

But on the contrary, most African Presidents are also on active records, for their notoriously known deportment of easily vandalizing the coffers of their governments or sometimes mandating their Finance Ministers to release certain fund into their custody without the endorsement of the Lawmakers. Some of the African presidents go as far as willfully stealing public funds to basically enrich themselves at the expense of taxpayer hard earned sacrificial services. There are strong indicators that H.E. President Weah could be carrying the money eating virus like the rest of the African Presidents in Africa. While waiting for H.E. President Weah’s response to these hot bottom allegations through his Press Secretary, there is the need to make a few hypothetical inputs on the matter going forward.

First, let us assumed that these scandals are vehemently untrue about H.E. President Weah. If the rumors are proven to be false, then H.E President Weah would have a resounding applause from the opposition and ordinary Liberians. Critics will view him differently as compared to Former President Sirleaf. He would win the hearts, souls, and minds of Liberians who didn’t like him before. He would make a difference with past corrupt Liberian Presidents since Liberia gained her independence July 26, 1847. There would also be additional commendations for H.E President Weah if, and only these rumors are proven to be untrue.

Second, let’s also assumed that H.E President Weah is guilty of these widespread rumors. He would be a staunched disappointment to all Liberians at home and abroad who expected H.E. President Weah to perform very differently from other corrupt Liberian Presidents that came before him. H.E. President Weah’s action would have given an immediate ammunition to his outstanding critics who would quickly classify him as an economic thief, a political hustler who has come to enrich himself like any other corrupt and greedy African Presidents hungry for power. H.E President Weah would lose the immediate respect and confidence of Liberians. Critics would remind Liberians at home and abroad that H.E President Weah was the wrong choice for Liberia. Furthermore, the 30-member delegation of H.E President Weah team, were they Liberian business tycoons who escorted H.E President Weah to discuss bilateral and other business matters with their counterparts in Morocco, Senegal, and France? Or were they simply mere attendants queueing behind the President as he moves through Morocco, Senegal, and France? If this is true, then it was grossly disappointing and a waste of taxpayer fund on the part of H.E. President for carrying these Liberians on a roadshow.

econd, this will be a clear indication that H.E President Weah came to enrich himself at the expense of the Liberian voters. Third, it will mean that H.E President Weah has no strategies to empower the Anti-Corruption Commission to go after Liberian officials who will misuse taxpayer fund for self-gratification on a lavish trip outside Liberia. Fourth, it will mean that the H.E President Weah utterance that there is no money in the government’s coffers is untrue. Sixth, it will mean that H. E. President Weah is simply covering the alleged massive corruptions that were instituted by his predecessor, the then President Sirleaf’s 12-years for which he has blatantly refused to audit Madam Sirleaf’s government. Seventh, it also means, that H.E. President is not serious to battle corruption as he stated in his inaugural address. Others would build on these clues to make a case that H.E President Weah is guilty of taking money from the Liberian Government’s coffers unlawfully which is a worrying signal that Liberia could be drifting in the wrong direction once again as it has been since July 26, 1847, which is a very dangerous precedence on the part of H.E. President Weah so early in his administration.


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