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Where Is Lone Star U-23 US$10,000?

As the nation’s U-23 football team advanced to the next stage of the London 2012 qualifiers, there are signs of disenchantment among the players. This is due to the looming question over President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf US$10,000 motivational gifts to the players following the victory over their Sierra Leonean counterparts.

Speaking to the New Dawn early this week, many of the players expressed disappointment in the local football house’s failure to share their motivational fund since the money was handed over to it. The President was said to have given both teams US$15, 000 with US$5,000 for the shooting Star of Sierra Leone and US$10, 000 for the national team.

The players said they were informed by the FA to expect a call from them the following week, but the FA is yet to make that call. When the New Dawn contacted the FA, the FA spokesman could not confirm or deny whether the money was distributed or still in the possession of the FA.

It can be record that one player of the U-23 side that travelled to Sierra Leone father had to encounter the FA on numerous occasions before he received his son’s money. The player was assured that his game allowance was schedule to be received by his father upon the team’s arrival back in Liberia from Sierra Leone.

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