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Where is Major Koijee?

The Monrovia City Corporation, MCC is the only city in the world that was endowed before Liberia ever declared its independence in 1847 under the late president Daniel B. Warner, another Americo-Liberia political crook. The city status was enacted into law on February 8, 1922, and governed by its first commissioner, James A. Brown in 1855. Edward David served as MCC first major after a new Act of July 19, 1973, was passed. MCC has gone through the hands of experienced provocative majors including the 51-year Mary Broh and Ophelia Hoff-Saytumah, just to name a few. MCC is governed by series of ordinances and rules which do not bite.

Today, a 32-year old MCC’s Major Koijee, chairman of the MCC’s council and head of the Youth League of the ruling party, Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), was appointed by President Weah to chair an 8-members MCC’s council who are three-times older than the Major Koijee himself from a biological perspective.

It is interesting to note however that the overall aggregate ages of all the MCC’s council members combined ranged between 50 and 65-years which should be of a big concern to a 32-year old-Major Koijee who presides over such a diverse council. What is amusing, and conspicuously troubling is the fact that Major Koijee presides over an 8-members council that is predominantly of Negro descent with White folks taking a center stage on the MCC’s council.

There is a generational gap between Major Koijee and each member of the MCC’s council. Major Koijee’s thinking may not be their thinking, his projects, may not resonate with their expectations and his styles and functionality may differ greatly from how they think. These council members have had wealth of different types of experiences ranging from politics to management, but on the contrary, Major Koijee is just beginning to practice public service duties and responsibilities for the first time which is not the same as being head of a Youth League of a ruling party, Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

But in any case, this syndicated writer will want to know where is Major Koijee stance on these very serious matters? These well experienced 8-member council had been very ambitious in reelecting themselves over and over as council members for years. If the 8-member council is not prepared to assist this young city major, there should be a total overhauled of the council for a new election for different members to come on board and begin to strategize in the interest of President Weah’s pro-poor government The city of Monrovia has been taken over completely by ban- of armed robbers and the council has been in power much longer before the young major took over the affairs of the MCC, what plans and strategies the 8-members council has to curb the ongoing robberies in Monrovia, needless talked about the littering of the city with garbage. By the way, Major Koijee is not likely to succeed under the auspices of this 8-member MCC’s council due to the very serious generational between him and the current council. But what are Koijee’s own plan of action when it comes to the issue of armed robberies issues as well as enforcing the first MCC’s ordinance that is to keep the city of Monrovia clean and trash-free.

Major Koijee should understand that the strategies and plan of action he used at the Youth League cannot be the same strategies that he would use to execute the MCC’s first ordinance and the proliferation of armed robberies around Monrovia. Major Koijee has to unveil his strategies regarding how he would go about curbing the armed robbery’s nightmare and the letting the city of Monrovia with trash.

Let me advance two suggestions: First, Major Koijee should work with all the security forces, including the police, army and defense and the Nigerian army to barricade each community at dawn and keep everyone indoor and go from house-to-house to ride the various communities of guns, drugs and other weapons. This method should be enforced with the support of President Weah if the armed robberies should be curbed in Monrovia. This exercise should be enforced every three months. Guns and other weapons uncovered should be burned publicly rather than securing them, they could easily fall into the hands of other criminals.

Anyone arrested with guns should be charged with terroristic activities to kill innocent Liberians willful. He/she should be sent to jail for 50-years without a bill. Second, the garbage issue. Liberian who are caught littering the city with trash should be arrested, fined $1,000 and put behind bars for 3-years without bill as well. The garbage and illegal guns problem cannot be resolved until the 16000 strong ex-rebels and their warlords are thrown in jail on a long-term basis.

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