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Which Church Do You Belong To, Jesus? – Part I

Hello, there, Brother Jesus. How are you and the other folks up there? How are Angel Michael and Angel Gabriel? How is Papa God Himself? Is everything okay, or are some other stupid angels planning another stupid game against the Papay?

If any of them tries any stupidity up there, we hope God will cast them and their leaders on a different planet and not on earth this time around. Casting Lucifer and his likes here has caused very serious problems for us already. It is his casting on earth that contributed to the fall of man from the beautiful garden called Eden. Ehn da true, Brother Jesus?

Also, it is all this that led to your coming on earth to die in order to reconcile us back to God. And, as you very well know, Brother Jesus, it is also this that culminated into the establishment of your church, your body, as you promised in Matthew 16:18. In I Corinthians 15:24, you indicate that when you return, you will present the church to your father. Da lie, Brother Jesus? No! Da na lie.

But you see, Brother Jesus, there is a problem on earth right now, a problem that continues to confuse many of us. And it has to do with the church you are really a member of. Believe me, Brother Jesus. Many of us are confused about the number of churches on earth, the different teachings and practices they have and the behavior most of the members and leaders in these churches show toward other churches or their members. It is a serious matter, Brother Jesus.

When I see Jehovah Witnesses behaving, for example, I can want to conclude that you are a Jehovah Witness. The same is true with the Pentecostal people. They want to behave as if you were a Pentecostal member. The Catholic also behaves as if you were a Catholic. And, the Jehovah Witness believes that Pentecostal people and the Catholic members are not teaching and practicing your words correctly. The Catholic and the Pentecostal believe the same about the Jehovah Witness.

So, I ask. Are you a Jehovah Witness, a Pentecostal, or a Catholic? Or, still, are you none of these people? Many of us are confused, Brother Jesus. The reason is that every group is teaching or practicing something that is completely or somehow different from what the others are teaching or practicing, yet they all claim to be your true followers. Which church are you really a member of?

Are you a Baptist? Are you a Methodist? Are you a Christian Scientist? Every church group behaves as if you were a part of them, and not part of the other. It is really interesting. Which church are you really a member of? Please tell me so that my doubts can be cleared once and for all, Brother Jesus.

Or could it be that you are an Episcopalian? Please tell me, Brother Jesus. People are confusing us in this place. Wait a minute. Maybe you are a Presbyterian. Are you, or are you not? You really need to clarify things-o, Brother Jesus. Which church do you really belong to?

Is it possible for you to be a member of all of these groups at the same time, when each teaches and practices doctrines that are different from those of the others? Is it possible for you to be a member of all these group simultaneously, when your words say that there should be no division among your followers and that they all should teach and practice the same thing, as clearly stated in I Corinthians 1:10? Or is I Corinthians 1:10 just a joke placed in the Bible? Which church do you really belong to?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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