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Who are the confidantes?

Representative Yekeh Kolubah, the man who recently defied Justice Ministry officials’ letter requesting him to appear before Montserrado County Attorney Cllr. Edward K. Martins has warned President George Mannah Weah to be careful with his confidantes.

Rep. Kolubah though has denied that he did not refused to appear before the County Attorney, but the date of the Letter June 15, 2019 was still months away.

Rep. Kolubah did not name those he refers to as confidantes of President Weah, of whom he wants the President to be careful but there have been reports of some black sheep among the president’s cabinet who pretends to be working in his favor but at the same time undermining his regime.

Speaking a day after he smoked a piece pipe with the President a man upon whom he has been raining invectives, the Montserrado District #10 Rep. urged President Weah to be careful with those around him and the kinds advices he accepts from those referred to as his confidantes or inner circles.

“You are the president of this country. We worked with the former president – Taylor; some of us did lot of things, at the end of the day, only the president one went. You got to be careful with your surroundings,” Rep. Kolubah says.

The past weeks have been charged with serious political tension in Liberia amid opposition and government critics’ threat to stage protest on 7 June for a number of reasons including the poor state of the economy, and demand for release of an audit report on a controversial US$25m mop-up exercise.

Comments coming from the president’s critics ahead of the protest, mainly from Rep. Kolubah, have been greeted by ex-rebel generals’ threat to arrest the lawmaker, a situation that has further intensified panic here.

In further admonishing President Weah about his surroundings, Rep. Kolubah suggests that there are officials currently working in the Weah – led government that also worked in the regimes of former President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf and Samuel Kanyon Doe.

“Those people will always sit and you will go and answer the questions,” Rep. Kolubah warns.

He urges the president’s advisor and those that are around him to stop ill-advising the president, saying “the president is a human and he makes mistakes.”
“The advisor needs to tell the president the right thing to do,” Kolubah continues.
Concerning his constant criticisms against President Weah, Rep. Kolubah narrates how he informed the president that some of his (Rep. Kolubah’s) comments against the president are due to alleged provocation coming from House Speaker Bhofal Chambers.

Rep. Kolubah argues that when he is provoked by any of the ministers, it does not make news, so he will transfer his reaction to the president to draw his attention.

Concerning the pending protest, Rep. Kolubah insists that nothing can stop the planned protest for June 7, not even the meeting with the president.

As part of his support to the protest, Rep. Kolubah announces that next week he will give 50 bags of rice to those who are supposed to cook for the protesters.

He says organizers will ensure that the protest is peaceful.
Rep. Kolubah notes that after the funeral service of his fallen colleague, Montserrado County District #15 Rep. Adolph Lawrence, he (Kolubah) will visit the various counties here to create awareness and educate the people on the pending protest so as to encourage them turn out in mass.

According to Rep. Kolubah, he will go to Bong County next week, and further proceed to Nimba County to educate the people on the planned protest which he says will go on in the various counties.

Meanwhile, Rep. Kolubah clarifies that he is not compromised, saying he met with the President for the needs of the Liberian people.

He states that he has not bowed to the President as his supporters think.
“My supporters sent me text that I’ve bowed to the President and even some CDCians were sending me text of such and some of them were insulting me via social media. But I will remain to speak for the Liberia people and nothing can stop me,” Rep Kolubah explains.

The Montserrado lawmaker says the planned protest is not for one day, noting that protest will continue until the president sees the need to hear the cry of the Liberian people.
But Rep. Kolubah he notes that he will not protest if the government can meet the demands of the protesters such as releasing the audit report on the controversial US$25m mop – up exercise, addressing the state of the economy amid rising US value against the LRD, among others.By Ethel A. Tweh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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