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Who Can Better Governed Liberia: The Americo-Liberians or Native-Liberians?

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There are momentous concerns amongst some level-headed Liberians at home and abroad as to who has the leadership traits to govern Liberia. This acrimonious thought has by and large drawn Sharp contrasts between the Americo-Liberians or Congo people’s way of governance under a one-party system for 150-years and the ongoing Native-led or indigenous people way of governance under multi-party-politics from the late Doe to Sirleaf and now President Weah.

Characteristically, there is a vast distinction between the “Americo-Liberians and Native Liberians. The Americo-Liberians, are commonly referred to as “Congo people.” They were ex- rejected slaves’ migrants of multiple ethnicities and cultural diversities who headed to Africa in search of a homeland and spotted a piece of land called the “Green Coast” named by a Portuguese explorer. Primitive people were dwelling on the Green Coast when it was discovered by.

Those primitive settlers were a group of loose traders from North, East, and West Africa who settled on the Green Coast and possessed it for themselves and called it home. The Americo-Liberians on the other hand were 150 in number in 1822 they also possessed the Green Coast and re-named it Liberia, and called it home as well.

The Congo people are descendant of ex-slaves and free people from the Americas, they are a flamboyant group of people and very proud, they are self-aggrandizing, gold digger, unpatriotic to their settlements, they are uncommitted to development, they have Westernized lifestyle, they have ex-slave mentality, they believe in an individualistic way of life.

The Congo people shared power among themselves, they tend to oppress others, they look down on others who are not like them, they are corrupt with street-smart attitude, but with-little mixed education, they claimed to know everything in the world, they have some levels of contacts abroad, they believe in ritualistic killings, they used politics to amass wealth. They practiced nepotism, they fostered segregation, discrimination, and sectionalism. They are good at domesticated native Liberians.

The natives for their part promote tribalism, they are heavily uneducated, obtain corrupt education at home, have no contacts abroad, they believe in ritualistic/mystery killings of each other, they believe in juju/voodoo powers, they have little or no experience in government, they lived by rampant/massive corruption, they don’t believe in rule of law, they accept brides regularly, they have strong cultural value systems, they reject Western lifestyle, they believe in a non-individualistic way of life, education is not their priority to running a government, past work experience is not paramount to them, for them popularity replaces experience, they love traveling abroad, illiteracy is not a problem for them when running a government.

The vast contrast is that the natives do not have a strong interest in education, they have failed to manage the little educational institutions left behind by Americo Liberian governments. They have not built any new learning institutions for almost 27-years. The native leadership failed to provide the citizens with pure drinking water and affordable electricity as was practiced by the Americo Liberian governments. Both the native’s government and the then Americo-Liberians governments have continued to forester the policy of rampant corruption and mismanagement of Liberia’s resources. The native believes in tribalism, while the Congo people believe in nepotism. The natives are currently running the Liberian government in private buildings like what their counterpart the Congo people did since July 26, 1847.

The native led-government promotes discrimination and segregation in employment against other Liberians so was the Congo-led government. The chief difference is that the Natives are building roads. But all the native-led governments have carried out the practices of the then Congo-Led governments since 1847.

Since 1980 foreigners have taken over the management of Liberia indirectly under the natives. The native government officials are literally feeding, living, and surviving 100% on tips from Lebanese businesses. Foreigners controlled the Liberian Judicial system with cash power because the native government is weak and feeble. Most unqualified Liberians are placed in strategic positions with little experience, as a result, they become vulnerable to countless bribes and rampant corruption.

Under a very weak and feeble government, the citizenry often suffered in poverty, the Liberian government has failed their citizens, foreigners have taken due advantage, because unqualified native officials performed poorly, and relied on juju and voodoo power to keep holding on to power, native government officials are misplaced from one entity to another for specific corrupt reasons.

The then President William R. Tolbert was the only Liberian president with a critical mind and ethical principles than all current and past presidents of Liberia. He worked hard on crimes and protected Liberian lives. He was never taken for granted by Lebanese businesses. Who Then Can Better Governed Liberia?

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