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Who Is Liberia’s “Financial Cartel” President Weah Or Former President Sirleaf–A Prophecy of Min. Eugene Fahngon’s?

The most devoted, unquestionably faithful Deputy Minister of Public Affairs, Ministry of Information. Culture and Tourism, the most Holy of all Holies, Hon. Eugene L. Fahngon, during the calefaction of the 2017 general elections mounted a captivating videos gadgets’ endorsement of multiple unfounded indoctrination that referenced the first-rated spitting-image of the Unity Party (UP), which was overwhelmingly symbolic of a hugely prophesied “Financial Cartel” that was vehemently meant to mutilate the then Presidential aspirant, George Manneh Weah during the presidential trek.

But the multiple questions that arose: Is President Weah, the press, the international community, the US, Ecowas, African Union, Liberian opposition parties, marketers, student body, judiciary, anti-corruption agencies/commissions, the church, private sector and the entire Liberian population really serious to fight corruption in Liberia, certainly not? The missing L$16 billion banknotes in containers are just tips of the iceberg that was begun by the then President Sirleaf, corrupt Finance Minister Amara Konneh and the President son Robert Sirleaf. Amara Konneh, President Sirleaf and her son Robert Sirleaf passed the corruption stewardship to President Weah’s newly elected government in January 2017, what then is the big noise all about missing containers containing L$16 billion bank note?

Is this the first time? Why is it that Liberians had not taken serious action against Amara Konneh and the then president Sirleaf for pocketing US$10 million that was intended to take Liberians out of poverty in Liberia according to a ‘UK media exposing corruption in Liberia”? Where is the US16 billion investments that were made in the Liberian economy by foreign investors under the then Sirleaf government through Konneh’s carefully calculation? Where is the US13 million Konneh signed for from the European Union to improve Liberian server servant living conditions? Konneh and Sirleaf had not accounted for those missing billions that were taking from Liberia by Konneh with the then president Ellen approval.

According to a UK ‘s media sources, Konneh transferred US100.000 every week for 8 consecutive months to his and Madam Sirleaf’s secret accounts in the UK, US accounts. Konneh later resigned in order to come to the US and reconciled all the secrets transferred of monies from Liberia to the US. Konneh was the only Finance Minister who experienced three times budget shortfall in Liberia which was a big disgrace under the then President Sirleaf. According to the “UK media expose corruption’ in Liberia, Konneh and the then President Sirleaf currently have US$37.11 billion in Sweden, UK, US, Belgium, Lebanon, Guinea, Kenya, Ivory Coast, and Lebanon. Why then are Liberians crying over L$16 billion missing containers? Are they serious about corruption? First, try to retrieve the US$37.11 billion in foreign countries before crying over L$16 billion useless bank notes of containers, didn’t President say that it was their time to get their fair share of the cake? Liberians should shut up, or proceed to bed.

Many Liberians were in perpetual disbelief and political denial that the most Holy and faithful Deputy Minister Fahngon’s was simply prophesizing on the demise of the Unity Party, but on the contrary, the minister was unconsciously unleashing more and more prophesies about President Weah’s gruesome future financial cartel operations before the very eyes of all weary Liberians who almost compromised their own lives for Weah’s triumphant momentous presidential success. But no sooner, the Deputy Min. began definitively arrogant to his own campaign political advertisements during the uncertainty of Liberia’s electioneering breathe takings exercise.

Some Liberian traditionalists believe that the future of any child can be predicted from the child early actions, activities, and advances in life in the first few months. Nonetheless, political pundits do not know why Liberians are so much rambunctious over a missing L$16 Billion Bank Notes’ Containers? There is a maxim that also says: “show me your friend, I will tell you who you are” so, it is with President Weah and his current social economic and political undertakings as President of Liberia. The missing bank notes is not a strange episode, there are more and more strange things to happen in the Weah’s administration. The missing notes are just the beginning of more negative developments to unfold in Liberia.

The mass human hurricane that began on January 2017, in which 732,185 of 61.5% of well dedicated, committed and very faithful Liberians who voted to put Liberia’s in the legal custody of Mr. George Tawlon Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah as Liberia’s 24th President, Head-of-State and Commander-In-Chief of the Republic of Liberia was a political referendum testing the political stupidity of weary Liberians and to willfully denied Liberia’s most renounced 74 years year old state craftsman and former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai Sr. the Liberian presidency with a compelling results of 446,716 of 38.5% of the Liberian votes, yet the then President Sirleaf was tremendously delightful not knowing she was consolidating a pending political earthquake in the form of a huge “financial cartel” Liberians have ever witnessed from the manifestation of Deputy Minister Fahngon’s elections videos.

My disturbing questions include: Why are Liberia crying over what they opted for in January? Why are Liberians boisterous over a missing L$16 billion containers? When Mr. George Tawlon Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah was canvassing for the Presidency, millions and millions of ordinary Liberians were red flagged and condemned that Mr. Weah did not have any hidden agenda. Many renounced Liberians pointed at President’s Weah critics as dangerous elements to progress/development of Liberia; they named those critics as poisoner snakes to the growth and development of Liberia. They called them destroyers of the country; they were known as Liberia modern mafia and economic woes and sabotaged agents; they were also referred to as political thieves of Liberia who hate President Weah.

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They were known in most quarters as anti-progressive agents of Liberia, and worst of all, they were classified as enemies of the Liberian state, all because those Liberians possessed different views from that of President Weah’s Holy of Holies. President Weah was not voted by drunks, nor was he voted by mentally drainage Liberians. President Weah was voted by people with sober characters, sound mind, who know themselves and knew exactly what they were voting for Weah to become the president of Liberia. Second, President Weah did not hide his identities when he began running for the Liberian presidency. He proved that he was not educated, he proved that he didn’t have the public experiences, but yet Liberians concluded to purchase him legitimately as their president

Liberians know that President Weah didn’t have the mental intellect to lead, he doesn’t have the critical thoughts/mind to govern, he never held public office before, he doesn’t have a people’s management skill orientation, he preserves over the CDC as a lifetime head and founder, he relies on poor CeDeCians to finance the CDC’s party. President Weah in his first month in office glaringly demolished his two houses and re-build them overnight, there was no one challenging the President in court. In the same month, he traveled to four countries with the use of over a quarter of a million dollars, no one challenged President Weah. President Weah rented a mini jet flight, no one took him to court. Liberians witnessed all these horrifying signals, yet they opted to stand by President Weah even on the L$16 billion financial jamborees.

The L$16 billion banknotes are just a clear indication of how disparate President Weah and his government are to destroy Liberia intentionally. Earlier videos have proven that President Weah and his men see their ascendency to power as their time has arrived to take advantage of the wealth of the nation since in fact, that is the reason why Liberia was founded in 1847, 172-years ago. The Weah government cannot investigate itself over the missing bank notes.

If he is so sincere to fight economic crime in Liberia who he hasn’t thrown corrupt officials in jail? The missing bank notes is definitively a White-collar crime nothing less than such description. The missing bank notes fiasco is financially motivated by the office of President Weah. White-collar crime. It is a crime that is committed by persons of respectability and high social status in the Weah’s government and President Weah is not an exception to other White-Crime criminal projects in and outside Monrovia.

There are multiple signals on the walls that President Weah and his government came to power to purposely enrich themselves. First, he failed to audit the then outgoing President Sirleaf. On April 1, 2018, President Weah ordered his Justice Department to probe the Exxon Mobil ‘Fraudulent oil deals involving a score of Liberians, but to no avail. President Weah has in fact since then shelved the reports while those corrupt Liberians officials parade Liberia with impunity.

Another case in proper perspective surrounds the hot-oil deals that involved, the former Liberia House of Representatives Speaker Alex Tyler who took $75,000 for “consulting fees” and Richard Tolbert, chairman of the National Investment Committee took $50,000 for “consulting fees”. Morris Saytumah, Minister of State for Finance, Economic and Legal Affairs, now a senator, took $50,000 for “consulting fees” Willie Belleh, Chairman of Public Procurement and Concessions Commission took $10,000 for “consulting fees” and two gentlemen known as “Bigboy 01” and “Bigboy 02” took $250,000 respectively, yet these are simply okay with President Weah.

There is valid and concrete evidence to suggest that corruption is President Weah’s best friend giving by his insensitivity and feeble approach toward money eating scenarios in Liberia. Therefore, the missing L$16 billion banknotes in containers shouldn’t be a strange phenomenon in the Weah government. There is more and more White-collar economic crime to occur in Liberia going forward.

The nature of President Weah government should speak volumes to all Liberians at home and abroad. Demonstrations, condemnation, and strikes will not change the White-collar and mafia project in the Weah’s government neither less expect President Weah to throw any corrupt officials behind bars. WE WILL NEED TO LIVE WITH MORE AND MORE MONEY LAUNDERING PROJECTS AND WHITE-COLLAR CRIME UNDER PRESIDENT WEAH GOING FORWARD FOR THE NEXT 6 OR ALMOST 12 YEARS!!!


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