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Who Is President Weah’s Public Works Minister “M.V. Nyenpan, Sr”?

Great men are unmistakably great within their amplitude of human characteristic when they leave an indestructible positive print in the lives of their neighbors, friends, relatives, countrymen/women, workmates, acquaintances, church members, students, a passerby, and even strangers, especially when their earned greatness and hard work reverberate or echo within the darkest pit of the Liberian society.

The unleashing of great men’s unconditional private generosity, coupled with their countless and outpouring of overwhelming goodwill and extraordinary kindness to people whom they do not know even by an iota of change, many times speaks volumes of those great men’s unique character in the Liberian society.

The memories of great men lived endlessly in the judgment of the multitude of their benefactors because of those great men’s indelible positive undertakings in the lives of friends, comrades and loved ones, and even the needy and the depressed ones in the Liberian society would serve as a testimonial to these truths.

The generosity of great men can sometimes assist in the fertilization of enormous social economic, and in some instances, yield a tangible and a very strong political salvation or rudiment in the lives of their comrades and loved ones. This is precisely the unquestionable sequence of unique events that clearly defined and summarizes Liberia’s Public Work Minister, Honorable Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan, Sr. from a substantive and a candid perspective.

The appointment of Honorable Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan, Sr. to serve as Liberia’s first Public Work Minister under President Weah’s signifies one of the numerous political ordinations out of thousands of many equally qualified Liberians. The appointment of Hon. Nyenpan was one of the biggest and most appropriate choices ever made by President Weah for countless rationales, first, Hon. Nyenpan is not one of Liberia’s most charismatic politicians, he is one of the many people’s centered iconic personalities who believe in the philosophy of “teaching Liberians how to fish, rather than giving them fish for their sustainability.” Leaders with such concept are developmental oriented and purposeful. Hon. Vlah has always endeavored to contextualize the value of development and dignifies the meaning of life especially in these difficult times in the history of Liberia.

Thought leaders are always needed for thought job, this is where the “Nyenpanism” fits within the political equation of the nation-building process not only in President Weah’s government but as far back as facing some of the Herculean challenges within the territorial limits of the then Budubugram Refugee Camp, located in the Central Region of Ghana in the early 90s. when Hon Mobutu was spotted playing a transformational role as the biblical Moses who led the children of Israel from captivity into a promised land, so was Honorable Vlah during those dark pages and complex moments in the lives of weary Liberians who were a victim of unthinkable wars and had to proceed to exile. Hon. Nyenpan has always been impregnated with passions and compassion for his compatriots even in contemporary Liberia.

Leaders shouldn’t be defined by their academic pedigree or earned influential credentials. They should be defined by their outputs, accomplishments and their enormous impact on the lives of others, so is Hon Nyenpan. Many Liberians from the Buduburam Refugee Camp are living testimonial to Hon. Nyenpan’s transformational impacts and great rewarding generosity in our lives. Hon. Nyenpan judges Liberians not by their tribal connections or political affluence, but by their ability to achieve and make the difference in the lives of other Liberians at home and abroad.

The working population at LPRC, where Hon. Nyenpan once served as deputy managing director for administration will blatantly refuse to take him to the political crucifixion cross because of his impacts in changing the entire lives of LPRC’s workforce at the time. He will continue to be a vivid reflective instrument in the compound of that great entity, LPRC. Hon. Nyenpan’s Senate compatriots including those whom he once worked with, their lives had not been the same under Hon. Nyenpan’s iconic and spirited goodwill and positive political affection and generosity.

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The very fine people of Sineo, do not envisage Hon. Nyenpan as their friend, they qualified him as their developmental hero, who is known for lifting the spirit of the people of Sinoe at its zenith as well as preserving their faith and advocating for their overall well-being as a people in the vineyard of his fiercest critics like the systemic controversial…… but even at that , Hon. Nyenpan didn’t betray his pledge to make Sinoe great, calmed and a wonderful place to be in Liberia.

Hon. Nyenpan is one of the very few honest and trustworthy Liberian politicians known within Liberia’s political circle. President Weah has got a trusted Minister of Public Work, who has come to this portfolio with the requisite engineering credential. This is one man whom I believe will do all in his powers to transform the population and the workforce of the Public York employees and ensures that the objective of the Ministry of Public Work is achieved in the fullness of time, but with one big condition, that is with the unconditional support of President Weah including all his principled deputies and the sincere and committed task-oriented workforce. This doesn’t in any way suggest that everything will be bread and butter during the Ministry’s huge dispensation road projects which come with a familiar price tag.

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