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Who’s Constructing 110 Housing Units in Bong?

Bong County authorities have ordered the suspension of ongoing construction work on 110 housing units being undertaking by the Lutheran Global Village in Belefana, Zota District, upper Bong County.

Bong County Development Superintendent Anthony Sheriff told the Liberia News Agency the construction was halted because the Lutheran Global Village was implementing the project without the acquiescence of the county authorities, adding “We are therefore, inviting them for discussion.”

He said while the county officials are not against development in their area, it must be done procedurally. Mr. Sheriff questioned the value of the project, and noted that the cost of such a huge undertaking must be known.

He said the suspension will remain enforced, pending an investigation, noting that it is not clear whether the Lutheran Global Village bought 100 acres of land from one Albert Cole to be used by the Village for agricultural purpose and housing project as it has claimed.

When completed, the housing units are expected to accommodate more than 800 Liberian refugees predominantly Lutherans, who are expected to return home from neighboring Guinea, beginning June.

However, when LINA contacted authorities of the Liberia Repatriation, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Commission (LRRRC), its Information/Communication Officer Edward S. Kemokai, said the LRRRC has no knowledge about the coming of Lutheran refugees from Guinea and the construction of 110 housing units in Belefana.

LRRRC Site Planner Roland Zeon also denied having knowledge of any project of such nature.

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At the same time, the Lutheran Church in Liberia (LCL) has clarified that it does not know of the existence of any organization calling itself Lutheran Global Village involved in the construction of more than 100 housing units in Liberia.

Efforts by the Liberia News Agency to contact the head of the village proved futile as the man identified as being in charge of the construction Wilson Vah, is said to be out of the country.

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