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Why Did CDC’s Education Minister Lie to Lawmakers on Capitol Hill?

It is inconsiderable for most modern-day Liberian politicians to easily perpetuate lies rather than invoke truth, and nothing but the whole truth. This was the case with the CDC’s Educational Minister, Prof. Ansu Dao Sonii, who heedlessly misled Lawmakers on capitol hill that the only “problem in the educational sector now is money” The Minister’s didn’t only misrepresent the facts, he mischaracterized the real obstacles thus undermining the fragile educational foundation in Liberia.

The Minister should have asserted that the ministry was experiencing tenth-face dimensional problems which include but are not limited to poor Liberian administrators managing the education Ministry and its affiliate departments. Second, Liberians without high education credentials in educational leadership are placed in positions of trust at the Ministry of education by the CDC, thus messing up the entire educational structure and the Minister is included. Third, most teachers and faculty members have outlived their educational usefulness, they are ineffective and inefficient, yet they are still keeping them inactive teaching positions across Liberia.

Fourth, political interferences into the educational ministry have continued to deface the value of the Liberian educational foundation. Fifth, the lack of thorough disciplinary measures against schools-teachers, administrators, principals’ universities’ Presidents for inappropriate conduct in schools is a normal phenomenon under the noises of the Educational Minister himself. Sixth, the issue of rampant corruption-extortions, briberies, sex for grades is still on the horizon across Liberia. Seventh, the lack of qualified faculty/teachers, administrators, principals to provide modern academic curriculum cuts across Liberia. Eight, there is no intensive outside training for administrators, school principals, and teachers across Liberia.

Ninth, there are no better attractive incentives; no books, no computers, no Libraries for students and faculty to improve their learning capacity. Tenth, the education ministry has been contributing immensely to the formation of hundreds and hundreds of makeshift colleges and feeble universities which have undermined the excellent educational standard and dignities of education across Liberia, yet Minister Ansu was able to effectively conceal all these problems from the Lawmakers on Capitol Hill for his personal aggrandizement                                                                                                      

 The 71-year-old Educational Minister had no business harboring lies simply to retain his ministerial portfolios. The educational obstacles are visible all over Liberia, all the Minister should have done was to simply speak the truth to lawmakers on Capitol Hill. The education Ministry is not a private endowment, a loyal entity, a secret society, or a special fraternity, the Ministry is one of the lead Ministries in Liberia which has been engulfed with multiple problems and the lawmakers needed to understand those myriads of problems facing the ministry. 

The Ministry shouldn’t be a job-seeking center. It should be a place that requires knowledgeable specialists trained in higher education with education credentials. This is very important because those with strong education credentials better understand how to handle the educational problems in Liberia. Those with no new idea nor educational credentials to man the education ministry should step aside and make way for the real specialists if they are available. Amazingly, it is learned that a misshaped-college (Starz College of Science and Technology) conferred a doctorate on the Minister when such college doesn’t even have a doctoral program, nor a master program needless talks about having substantive faculty with a first-degree credential which is one of the biggest embarrassments to Minister Ansu to be honored by such makeshift so-called college. The Minister on the other hand accepted this funny honor and has dressed him in such a worthless academic title and parading around as a doctor which is an academic insult and an academic disgrace to the Ministry of Education and the entire professoriate. This is one major reason while Liberia has mushrooming sub-standers so-called colleges, universities, and vocational institutions, and understand Nursing Schools confer useless credentials on folks within the educational sector of Liberia from half-baked educational entities in Liberia-what a severe injury to education in our lifetime!


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