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Why Marriages Don’t Hold These Days (Pt 2)

Today is Friday – 24 September, and as usual, my friends and I are seating in an entertainment center, “disgracing some black bottles” while debating on political, economic and security matters of the country.

Looking around as we debate, I saw a stunning girl in gala dress sidling to a man that has been seating alone for a while. The man gets up with the best of smiles he can put out, gives her a chair, calls for a bottle of beer and the both begin to converse, a lovely conversation I presume.

They had barely entered in the romantic aspect of their conversation when another lady with her face streaming with sweat, violently threw the eye-catching girl down and began to fight her. She took the bottle of beer and poured it down on the girl’s slinky dress. We rushed to the scene to get the lady off the girl.

“You all leave let me show to this man snapper that I am woman more than her. I will kill you here today you Joe, street girl, man rogue, bastard.” The lady says as she draws a long breath.  “My people I beg you let me kill this girl and go to jail.” She cries. As we were trying to calm the lady down, the man remained totally still.

“What is your name?” I ask the lady. “I am Victoria Kane and this man you see standing here is my husband. We are legally married. He is Johnny Kane.” She answers me. “I understand but let us seat over there, then we will talk to the man because it is not good call crowd in this manner.” I say to her. “Point of correction please, not this man. Say your husband.” She replies. “Ok I am very sorry, your husband. Seat there and allow us talk to your husband.” I rectify.

“My brother, what is happening? Is she really your wife?” I ask Johnny. “Yes she is my wife but she has no right to follow in public to disgrace me. If you want to ask me to talk to her, I am not doing it. You see my brother, this woman you see seating there acting like she is crying, she is no good my brother. We got married last year. Before we got married I told her that if she wants me not to have my eyes out there, she has to satisfy me on bed. That is, she has to…. the way I want and like it. She agreed my brother. But since we got married more than a year now, she is still not doing what she promised to do. I warned her that if she does not comply I will go look for my satisfaction out there, she told me to do what I want to do. I have done what I want and the girl is doing what I like.” He explains to me, and asks: “Am I wrong brother? Am I?”

“You know, I don’t think this is the right time to say who is wrong and who is right. But on the other hand, what I want to know is this: Did you and your wife really agreed on this and was it a condition for you to remain faithful, if so why?” I ask Johnny. “My brother, this is the whole story:  When we were girl friend and boy friend, I had many relationships out there. She called people on me several times to tell me to seat down. But it could not work that way. She then decided to seek advice from a friend who has been in marriage for years. The friend told her to ask me what she should do for me so that I can’t be out there. When she asked me, I told her that the main thing that is making me to go out is the different ways of having…… I experience with other girls. She asked to marry her and that was the only way for her to do what I want. This is how we got married. Now that she has failed to do it why shouldn’t I go for it out there?” Johnny says in a very serious mood, so serious that I tapped him on the shoulder.

After the questions and answers episode, I turned to the gorgeous girl. My friends and I asked her to leave. We called a taxi for her and she politely left. As the taxi was leaving, all eyes were on Johnny. He then reacts by shouting “yes let everybody looks at me. She is my wife but she does not satisfy me on bed, that’s why I am doing this, and I will continue to do it.” He paid for the drink and left. We turned to his wife, called for taxi for her too, and back to business as usual. This time the topic of the debate was what had just occurred.

As the pros and the cons were in a heated debate, an elderly man intervened to share his experience with us. “My children, I have been listening to all of you and I think I should share my experience with you…..”  See part 3 for continuation.

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