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Why Marriages Dont Hold These Days (Pt1)

Nowadays, young men and young women are bent on taking marriage as a dream to be realized as soon as possible. As result of that general growing determination that is emanating from young adults, every week-end in Monrovia, hundreds of people are seen streaming in various churches for the performance of the sacred act of marriage.

This would have been a very positive side of today’s generation if these numerous marriages were  later on strengthened and immortalized by good understanding and faithfulness between the couples. Unfortunately, marriages these days are of very short duration. What are the reasons of quick marriage and quick divorce these days? That is the NOISE IN THE MARKET.

Last week-end I was in Bong County to see a friend. On my way back to Monrovia, I was fortunate to ride the same taxi with four young girls who had gone in the same county during the week-end to take part in the wedding celebration of a friend.

“I say, thank god for Josephine yaaah.., now she gets the green light to operate in a vampire mood.” Hanah, one of the four girls in the car, said while taking a catnap from a bottle of Guinness.

“I say my sister, real vampire operation. You suck it from left and right my dear.” Agnes, another one of the four, corroborates.

Not catching the flight, I decided to ask the girls what they mean by “green light to operate in a vampire mood.” Comfort, the third girl in the group, taps me on the shoulder and says with a very soft voice: “You, do you think that we don’t know you?

Get up then, stop sleeping. I know you well and you are trying to tell me that you don’t know what we are talking about, Zaa(a person who knows contemporary terminologies) like you? Ok, let me put on track; when you get married, you obtains the green light to fornicate because it becomes difficult for husband to leave. But if you are just boy friend and girl friend, the man can easily back off when he catches you right handy. You got it?”

“Now I get it. But can I ask you a question Comfort? Don’t you think that is the main reason why marriage does not last these days? Because if you decide to cheat on me because we have established legal ties that are difficult to break, I may chose to go through the rocky road of legal proceedings instead of seating and looking at you making “ass” out of me.” I said to Comfort.

Janet, the fourth girl, decides to go on the defensive. “Look you man, if you decide to get a divorce because the wife is cheating on you, then I don’t think you are serious. It is better for you to remain bachelor my dear. This is the modern world. That’s the way it moves and he you can’t get it don’t get on board.” She says.

“Janet, is that your name? Ok, can you tell me if you are really serious about what you just said?” I ask her. “I am serious like a dog killer my dear. May be you don’t know. Let me tell you something and I want you to listen very carefully.

Our friend who just got married had her boy friend attending the wedding. I mean he was there in the flesh, in person. And as the ceremony was going on, our friend was throwing sign to him. We were there to make him feel comfortable.

You know why our friend invited him to come? To make sure he remains the original boy friend. You want to know too why our friend is not ready to leave him? Great, it is because the boy friend is a smooth operator. The way he performs, the owner does not perform that way. You get?” She says.

I remain mute as she asks. “Have you gone in coma? Wake up” She says while putting her hand on my shoulder.

At that juncture, the driver intervenes, “my brother, you don’t able these girls. Now you understand why marriages cannot hold these days. We who are running traffic there are things we can hear from these women, if you mind it you will not get married.”

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