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Why the Chief of Protocol made so many mistakes

Liberia’s Chief of Protocol Javis Witherspoon appears to have been in a dreamland on Monday. Whether he was overwhelmed or not, the Liberia chief MC made several mistakes on the podium as he MC the program.

He failed to follow protocols that should have been accorded foreign dignitaries arriving at the program. He failed to announce the arrival of presidents and heads of governments as they entered the stadium.

At one point he would asked all outgoing Ministers and their deputies to come up the podium at another point he would ask them to step down. He did not know who to ask to stay up or stay down.

He was very poor in his performance at all levels on Monday, leaving one to wonder why was he so poor at his performance, making so many mistakes-Maybe he did not know the presidents and the heads of governments. Next time get the guest list.

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