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Wicked police officers disrobed

By Lincoln G. Peters

The Ministry of Justice through the Liberia National Police (LNP) has with immediate effect disrobed and dismissed four of its officers, including the head of the elite Emergency Response Unit (ERU) for allegedly brutalizing peaceful citizens.

Liberia’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General Cllr. Frank Musa Dean and the authorities of the Liberia National Police announced the officers’ dismissal at a joint press conference in Monrovia Tuesday, 29 March 2022.

‘’Today we have ordered the disrobing, dismissal and prosecution of four officers of the LNP. However, this means that there will not be police violence. We urge the police to exercise due diligence, discipline in the discharge of their duties,” said Minister Dean. 

Those disrobed and dismissed from the LNP are Amos Williams, Deputy Chief of Police and Head of the Emergency Response Unit; Inspector Otis Williams; Sergeant George Wleh and Hoffer Kian.

The authorities said a soldier of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) formed part of those accused of carrying out the brutality that led to the dismissal of the police officers, but they did not say what action was being taken against the unnamed soldier.

The authorities accused the dismissed police officers of using excessive force against peaceful citizens across Montserrado County, adding that such action is unethical and showed a lack of discipline.

Minister Dean told a press conference held in the Conference Room of Police Inspector General Col. Patrick T. Sudue that they have disrobed and dismissed the four police officials for their alleged unethical behavior and use of excessive force against peaceful citizens.

Additionally, Cllr. Dean directed the County Attorney for Montserrado County to commence an investigation and immediate prosecution of the four suspects.

“We know that there are times a member of the public will prove to be challenging, but we ask them to exercise the necessary patience and discipline. Anyone caught using force against civilians will be disrobed, dismissed and removed from the Liberia National Police,’’ Minister Dean warned.  

According to the Justice Minister, the decision was made after they completed a brief meeting with the top brass of the police at LNP Central Headquarters in Col. Sudue’s office.

Minister Dean announced zero tolerance against the use of excessive force against peaceful civilians.

Minister Dean explained that the dismissal of the ERU Commander Amos Williams and his accomplice Inspector Otis Williams is in connection with an incident at a club in Brewerville in which the officers allegedly assaulted victim Jethro Marculty.

Jethro was allegedly beaten miserably by the two officers, an act the Minister of Justice described as unacceptable and would not be tolerated.  

Minister Dean assured that the officers will be prosecuted.

Further, Minister Dean said they have disrobed and dismissed LNP Sergeant George Wleh and ordered his prosecution for an incident in Johnsonville where victim Esther Younger was reported to be beaten.

Suspect Wleh and an unnamed soldier of the Armed Forces of Liberia allegedly beat victim Younger.

Minister Dean said Officer Wleh has been turned over to the prosecution for processing for his subsequent prosecution.

Additionally, Minister Dean disclosed that LNP Officer Hoffer Kian, assigned in Redlight, Paynesville, has been dismissed from the LNP for assaulting civilian Tarlu and striking her with a gun in her stomach. He has been turned over to prosecutors.


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