An Opened Letter to Sen. George MannehWeah
Dear Sen. Weah:
Kindly accept my revolutionary greetings as I prayed hopefully that this letter is weighed and well thought-out by your conscience. Hon. Senator, you would agree that Sir Francis Bacon was abundantly right when he wrote “Of Studies”.

He said as I quote “Crafty men contempt studies, simple men admire them and wise men use them; for they teach not their own use; But that is a wisdom without them and above them won by observation, read not to contradict and confuse, nor to believe and take for granted nor to find talk and discourse but to weigh and consider”. Sir Bacon wrote categorizing conscious men into three different fundamentalists on their imparts to studies. Knowing that you are a Denver-trained personage, it will not be a miss-out if I were to believe that you are in the category of the wise men — using studies to impart society. Then a serious question hampers the air of my confidence in supporting you — Will Cdcians divorce the vote one vote all marriage? Haven’t researched and justified that this marriage has pivoted the defamation of their party?

Senator Weah, since your coming to the political fray of our Motherland (Liberia), history and time have recorded you as a dedicated crusader to the “Liberian Dollar Politics”(CDC notorious Dollar Rally) and a cum Architect to the inflammation of the vote one vote all cancer. With these records, the latter has elated the spirit of the failed state you want to ironically correct; It has exorcised the conscious revolutionary zest to end leadership deficit; It has burnt fleeting pages in the people reformist struggle; and it has depleted the National vault. Yet, you as progenitor of such a statistical deception loiter with profit-making at the peak of your horizon and hokum of sycophancy on your lips as a grassrooter. Your infamous role played provokes such hypocrisy.

Hon. Senator, as a wise man in the context of Sir Bacon’s Of Studies have you weighed and considered this bad proclivity of your party— the vote one vote all disorder since 2005 up to today? Will you agree with me that you have the power to correct the wrongs of yesteryears? Don’t you believe that absconding from this tendency will drive you toward being a good Presido? Do you know that the reason your popularity has fueled declination since your emergence as a forerunner in Liberian politics is due to such inflammation? Do you want to be a leader of a failed state?

Hon. Ambassador of Peace, the will to resolve (exterminate) this conflict (backwardness) of your people rest in your obedience to conscience as a wise man. Affecting all three branches of government with the fundamental principles of merit would correct the failed state you want to transform. Divorcing yourself from erroneous thinking as a politician might cultivate your sense of patriotism and nationalism to be taught-about and be lived-after by tangible legacies the Nation benefits from; Relieving yourself off the political crimes of profiteering (Corruption) and flattery (Thwarting the party manifesto for Grassrooter to Americo- Liberian Elite…..2011 Elections); and Discharging your emotion from hokum (trite sentiments) —- vote one vote all sentiments. These are all ennobled points of wise men that use study to sit at the pinnacle of society. Mr. Denver-trained, kindly use your ideological instinct to darken this Faustian campaign. It has taken psychopathic (Unconscious) personalities to sacred positions and has closely contributed to the Bad Laws and Misappropriation of the state resources. Will Cdcians divorce the vote one vote all marriage? Will you abandon your duties when elected President of Liberia as you have manifested in your recent abandonment of duties at ECOWAS Parliament as a Senator?

Sincerely, divorcing such impediment to societal advancement prepares your presidency or another person’s presidency for glorious memories. It will feature Sunshine Patriots and Fertile Nationalists whose agenda reflect Liberia’s Prospect. It will repeal Bad Laws against the people’s welfare. It will unchain you from the Demagogy you have already been shackled to.
135 days from now we shall meet at the poll!
Sincerely yours,
Daniel T. Bestman, OGBM
Wroto Town Airfield, District #9, Mont. Co.
Cell: 0776811809/0880618248

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