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Will We Be Stupid Or Sensible In Heaven? – Part I

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Da me again-o, my people.Da me Paul. I will put my mou’h there. I na scared seh. You like it, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern. Da me say so.

I say, my people, I want to understand something. Will we be stupid or sensible people in heaven? Will we be conscious of the state of affairs? Will we be able to remember past events, activities and happenings and be conscious of past words and deeds of others? Will we be able to make connections between past and present events, activities and happenings, or will we be stupid to and forgetful of these things? I want to know.

Let me restate it. Will we be as smart about and conscious of things as we are now, or will we be so so dummies? Will we have the power to recall or remember things, or will we be a bunch of stupid people packed in heaven? I want to know.

Yor listen-o, my people. When I see an old girlfriend of mine, I recognize her instantly. In other words, I am able to make that connection instantly. When people are in heaven, will they be able to recognize all of their old girlfriends or boyfriends, or will they be a bunch of stupid people who remembers nothing? If we are able to recognize our old girlfriends and boyfriends, then I can see stupid things having in heaven. Craziness will take place in heaven. Da me say so.

Will we be sensible in heaven, or will we be stupid there? When a man sees the guy who ate his girlfriend or wife ten years ago, and he even fought him for it, will he be able to make that connection, or will he remember nothing about it in heaven? If a woman sees the woman or girl who took her loving boyfriend or husband when they were on earth, will she recognize her and make that connection instantly, or will she be a big bo-nuah, remembering nothing about the incident? I swear to God, if we are able to recognize the people who ate our lovers on earth, if we are able to make that connection, then I can see serious fussing and fighting and palaver taking place in heaven every day. Da small fighting we will be on in heaven? Let God better make us stupid in that place, or else, da trouble for him. He will forever regret why he took us there. Da me say so.

Think about it, my people. You are a man. Your wife or girlfriend is working with the big man at one of the ministries. You love her very much. Then you discover that the man is eating your wife or girlfriend wide way almost every day. You go talk about it, and the man cusses you well, well. Then he orders his bodyguards to flog you, and they flog you fine. In fact, you receive three different flogging from him. One day, the man brings his car to your house and takes your woman. When you want to talk about it, he makes the police arrest you and put you in jail. Then he goes to the prison compound and tells you this: “Yor stupid self, if you don’t move from behind this woman, you will suffer in my hands.”

The man continues it until he takes your woman just like that, leaving the pain and grief and frustration and anger in you. You die and see the man in heaven with you. My point is this. When you see that man in heaven, will you be able to recognize him and make the connection that he was the man who took your woman and ill-treated you, or will you be completely stupid or oblivious of the whole situation? God better make you stupid because if not, da na small cussing and fighting will happen between you and that man in heaven. Da lie, my people?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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