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Williams’s family clarifies ownership of gun used in Cyber Ed Christian School shooting

The family of the late Lauvette A. Williams, Sr. has drawn the attention of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to a statement allegedly made by Ms. JosiaSaah, mother of the alleged perpetrator of the shooting incident which occurred at the Cyber-Ed Christian School on April 13, 2021, resulting into the death of a female student of the aforementioned school.

During a Press Conference held by the spokesperson of the LNP Mr. Moses Carter, he stated that Ms. JosiaSaah informed the Police that the weapon used to carry out the act belonged to the late Lauvette A. Williams, Sr., her boyfriend.

The family made it unequivocally clear that the late Lauvette A. Williams, Sr. was a law abiding and peace-loving man who spent his entire life serving humanity and his church (the Little White Chapel). They said at no time did Lauvette own or purchase a gun because he was deeply loved by all who knew him.

They explained thatLauvette died on February 24, 2018, more than three years ago and that Ms. Saah has since moved out of the house where the both of them lived prior to his demise.

They further narrated that all of Lauvette’s personal belonging remained in her possession and that she has full responsibility for all of them.

“Assuming without admitting that the gun belonged to Lauvette, Ms. Saah, upon Lauvette’s demise acquired responsibility for all of his personal belongings and should therefore be estopped from dragging a deceased man’s name into a matter that he has no knowledge of. We consider this an attempt to shift blame to a man that is unable to defend himself because he no longer exists, the family argued.

The family of the late Lauvette A. Williams noted that they are very disappointed in Ms. Saah’s attempt to tarnish the reputation of their father, brother, uncle and cousin. “We want to use this opportunity to advise Ms. Saah to cease and desist with immediate effect. We are prepared to protect our family’s name beyond the grave,” the family said, adding, “We regret the untimely death of a young lady and are in sympathy with also of those affected by this tragic event.”

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